Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mr. Bananahead: The Sequel

Oh yes, there's more. Introducing one my very earliest (and most spectacular) works, written in the ever popular jumbo ten ink pen of the early 1990s purchased at the Claire's of Eastland Mall...


Tina said...

I really like how you remind the reader to pay close attention. Awesome!

BTW, why on earth do you still have these things? How is that possible? Do you still have the pen, too?

the illustrator said...

If I remember correctly, these were "penned" in study hall with Mr. Fruetel. Most likely while hew was yelling at Muhammed Al Gouhl for putting a tack on his chair! He was so angry that he even yelled at Muhammed for his mom's driving!

As for the got taken away when I got in trouble. My mom put it somewhere that I couldn't find it...and then she lost it! That pen would probably be in the Smithsonian if it was still around!

Thanks for sharing these stories, Mrs.!

The Mrs. said...

I like to think I have a good memory but dang, Parker! Your memory is amazing. I'm still laughing remembering the scene.

And Tina, don't you remember my post explaining my family's pack rat tendencies? The stories were safely stowed away with my grade school scrap book in one of the boxes from mom & dad's. And tragically the pen is long gone. If I remember correctly the ink ran out of those things rather quickly.


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