Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's Define Awkward

Picture it if you will.

Three generations - grandmother, mother, and two young daughters - are walking through the mall. Happily, a new member is set to join their family in less than three weeks and as part of the celebration a bachelorette party is to be held prior to the wedding day. As part of our attendance at this bachelorette party the grandmother suggests a walk through Spencer's to look for a suitable gift.

This was where I found myself Wednesday, standing with my mother and two young daughters, faced with shelves of more novelties in the shape of a specific male body part than I could have imagined was possible. As if this scenario wasn't uncomfortable enough we topped it off with a visit to Victoria's Secret where we perused the items there as well. The icebreaker? That was Punkin, of course. As she was strolled through the store I suddenly realized that she was asking over and over again, at an increasingly loud volume, "Does Caywi have boobs? Hey, mom! Does Caywi have boobs?".

I won't even go into our last stop of the night and what I was subjected to there. There are just some things that are better left unsaid.

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Michelle said...

But it makes for great blogging, right?! LOL


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