Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Must Be An Aries Thing

I remember, on more than one occasion, listening to The General's mom tell stories about how her second born son was her best sleeper as a baby. That statement was usually immediately followed with stories of how The General was also the child notorious for coming up with excuses for staying up late when bedtime rolled around. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because in just the last week I have been part of the following exchanges with Punkin as she states her case for why she can not stay in her bed:

"I need my window open."
"No, you don't. Get back in bed."
"But I need some a-yo*!"

"Get back in bed, Punkin."
"But mommy, I need to get my (looking frantically around the living room in search of a suitable object) puppy!"

"I need a drink."
"You're fine. Get back in bed."
"But I'm SO sursty**!"

"Go to bed, Punkin."
"But, I have to go to the bafroom!"

"Punkin! Get back to bed right now!"
"But mommy, I'm still scayuhed*** of the dawk****"

"Mommy, I can't go to bed. It's raining!"
"Well, it's not raining in your room. Now get in your bed!"

And after two hours of game playing last night she pulled out a new one, my favorite to date:

"What Punkin?"
"I just not a vewy good sweepuh*****"



flag girl said...

Nick used to have what we called "Night Time Injuries" Right after the light was turned off, a part of his body would be in extreme pain to where he could not sleep. This was also before DVR and his moaning (which we ignored) was very disruptive while trying to watch "Party of Five"
Good luck...its a long road

Jersey Girl said...

I don't know how you keep from laughing out loud all day long!!!
I just love the way Punkin talks!!
Can't wait to hear Gizmo's first real words!!
Love, Grama JG


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