Friday, November 6, 2009

An Interview With Punkin

While looking for a document hidden somewhere in my files the other night, I got wonderfully sidetracked by numerous video clips saved on this here big magical box. There was video of Punkin learning to walk, the girls laughing and playing together, and then a couple of hard hitting, no holds barred interviews with a three year old Shortcake. They've been published here previously, but if you have a few extra minutes I'd highly suggest you consider checking them out again. I will warn you though: if you and I are cut from the same cloth what you see may make you weep. Footage like this serves as cold, hard evidence as to how much she's grown up and it sort of makes me want to cower in a corner, crying for my mommy.

Shortcake: The First Interview

Soon after watching the videos I realized that I didn't have a quality interview with Punkin at the glorious age of three. This could be true for a variety of reasons: life is crazy, I just plain forgot, and pinning her down to answer any type of question for longer than thirty seconds requires either a small act of God or bribery of the highest order. Whatever the case, yesterday seemed like a good day to try a sit down with our youngest daughter to get her take on everything important to her. Apparently she was so pleased with the way the interview was going that she even broke out in yet another musical number, this time solo. Well, almost solo. Just like Barbara Walters tricks people into a tearful discovery when they least expect it, Punkin got me involved in the musical act for all the world to hear. I apologize in advance.

Without further ado, I give you Punkin: A Three Year Old As She Ponders Life's Biggest Questions.


Parker said...

Her singing is kind of toned down, isn't it? I was hoping she would really "flex those golden pipes"!

And, side note, I am SO HAPPY you have joined the "blogging every day" thing....I look forward to a new post each day!

Happy Friday!

The Mrs. said...

She really cranks up the "wow" factor when she's got a partner. You know, that whole "I gotta outshine this chick" thing. And thanks, Parker! It's nice to know people aren't sick of me yet. :)

Tina said...

When are those two girls going to learn "One Little Candle"? It's about that time, isn't it?


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