Thursday, November 12, 2009


It’s well known that The General does not like clowns. I’m not particularly fond of squirrels, and Shortcake seems to have recently developed an intense fear of meatballs covered in brown gravy served with a side of noodles. It’s only natural then that Punkin would follow suit and develop an irrational fear of her own. First witnessed last spring, it appears as though Punkin suffers from an intermittent case of Entomophobia, or fear of insects. More specifically, Punkin is terrified of those annoying, stinky Japanese beetles that seem to be on every surface this time of year.

Thanks to the much welcomed warm weather we enjoyed last weekend, those Japanese beetles were out in full force. Up until I swept, we had a virtual Japanese beetle graveyard on our front porch. They have infiltrated our house in small numbers, but taking a quick walk around the house on a warm, sunny day leads to a mass attack by those in flight. The girls and I spent some time playing in the backyard on Sunday and Punkin was horrified anytime one of the beetles used part of her body as a resting place. As evidence, here’s a still shot of her reation when told there was a lady bug on her arm.

Still don’t believe me? Being the unofficial documentarian of the family, I was thorough with my work and also obtained video footage. Not only are you privy to her initial reaction but you’re also lucky enough to see one of her tactics for insect removal. It was highly ineffective, as you can imagine.

I used Punkin as an example today during a social language group. We were discussing good sportsmanship and I offered the (hypothetical) scenario of Punkin throwing a fit on Christmas morning because she hadn’t received the gift she had hoped for. Following the set up, I posed a question to my students asking, “Would you say that she was a good sport when she pouted because she didn’t get the present she wanted?”. To that question one of my fifth graders, who has never met Punkin, responded, “No, I’d say she was being a drama queen”. To that I replied, “Danny, you couldn’t be more right”.

Drama queen and insect hater aside, God love her, I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. This child makes me laugh every single day.


Tina said...

I think her tactic of shouting at the ladybug probably will work - the loudness of her voice will stop them dead in their tracks.

The Mrs. said...

Is it obvious that this was taken minutes before nap time? She really is the loudest child I know.

Barb said...

I know I've never meet sweet Punkin, but I have noticed a noticeable maturing in her appearance in the last few weeks/month. Don't know if you have seen it too, but thought I'd share.


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