Monday, November 30, 2009

At Last

How do I even start to recap last weekend? The fun and excitement of the three day extravaganza has definitely caught up with me today. From the very beginning of Wedding Day the weather was gorgeous, Cari was as calm and beautiful a bride as they come, and I was beyond proud of my baby brother. I will warn you in advance that if you've been waiting for excellent photography from me chronicling the day's events you are going to be highly disappointed. When I wasn't fulfilling bridesmaid duties, I was busy chasing after two busy flower girls and these two roles do not mix with stellar photo taking. I realized late into the evening that I hadn't taken one picture of the bride and groom all day and if my camera was proof of who attend the festivities The General was MIA for the entire day. Major fail on the photography front but I'll provide you with the highlights of those pictures I did manage to capture when I wasn't taking deep breaths to ensure my head wouldn't explode from stress induced hypertension.

Friday - The rehearsal dinner

Cassi (Cari's sister and MOH) cried as Cari and her dad walked down the aisle on the practice run, the first twenty minutes of the rehearsal dinner at the Old El Paso wasn't pretty (falling relish trays and exploding coffee pots - OH MY!), and we discovered there's another Mac Daddy emerging from the Stevenson clan.

Oh, and what's that nursery rhyme they say about little girls? Something about sugar and spice and everything nice?

Well, meet Sugar.

And then meet Spice.

If that doesn't give you a perfect illustration of what I was up against Saturday then I don't know what will.

Saturday - The Wedding

After hosting the rehearsal dinner at their house the night before, my parents opened their home (basement) once again to the wedding party. Cari & Cassi's friends brought their bags of tricks to help all the women of the bridal party beautify for the big day.

As mentioned before, Cari was as calm as could be and took advantage of her Bridal Powers by sneaking Jack & Sally into the basement against house rules. Not even the father of the groom trumps The Bride's wishes on wedding day.

Breakfast was also served; Punkin was denied Verdi despite her best efforts to convince us she should be allowed to have some. She finally settled for orange juice in a snowflake cup.

There was also nails to tend to Saturday morning. Mom was on sparkle duty, and after 30 minutes of SPARKLES! I had to warn her that if she shook that bottle of sparkles in my face one more time and ask me if I wanted some for my nails I was going to drop kick her into next week. Lovingly, of course.

In record time, the six bridesmaid, one junior bridesmaid, two flower girls, and mothers of the bride & groom were fluffed, puffed, and ready to head to the church. Once there we began the dressing process and were able to witness the beautiful bride in her dress for the first time. Breathtaking!

Also breathtaking? Trying to take pictures of and with two squirrely flower girls. And I mean breath taking in the most literal sense here. Lord have mercy, why is taking their picture so torturous for all involved?

Also, this picture pretty much sums up our afternoon the best: I'm doing my best to give a genuine smile while on the inside trying hard to suppress my ever rising stress level, Shortcake is silently somber while simultaneously annoyed with her sister, and Punkin is oblivious to it all worried only about making sure she's still the scene stealer in charge of the whole show.

Of course they smile when they're with Gramma & Papa.

During the wedding ceremony itself, as shown in the video posted yesterday, the girls did an outstanding job. Yes, they took their role very seriously, but they looked like pros out there. Punkin was so thorough with her duties that she actually started walking back up the aisle to pick up the discarded petals. I feared, from my position at the end of the bridesmaid line, that a tantrum would ensue but they got her into the pew without much fuss. Not ready to relinquish her starring role, she had a couple other tricks up her sleeve:
  1. When the minister announced that we were "gathered here to celebrate the union of this man and woman," Punkin reminded him (loudly) that the woman he was referring to has a name and it is "Caywi".
  2. Midway through the ceremony she started to pick her nose which a good half of the congregation witnessed.
  3. Shortly after that began the tortured requests for "Mama," complete with pained expression and outstretched arms.
  4. Moments before the ceremony was over she began her classic meltdown war cry all because she had an itch on her butt that she couldn't scratch thanks to layers of tulle and tights. Always a lady, that one.
  5. Finally, when they were instructed to exit the church behind Cari & Erik both girls instead ran to me. This was fine, although Punkin wanted to be carried. Ever tried to hook your arm around a groomsman's arm while holding a bouquet and a thirty-five pound preschooler in the other arm, all while wearing a floor length gown that is just a hair too long? I don't recommend it, but being the veteran bridesmaid that I am I managed to pull it off.
The bride and groom exited the church following the ceremony to a shower of bubbles and hopped into their getaway car. It was almost a non-getaway, but thanks to a push from the men of the wedding party they were finally off. After their return to the church, this car proved vital for one final wedding party picture where we went into full bribery mode.

"One more picture kids and then Erik will take you for a ride!"

I wish we would have thought of this tactic about three hours earlier.

Tomorrow: The reception, where pictures are plentiful and you witness the gradual decline of grace in two young mothers right before your very eyes.


Tina said...

I fear the next post....

Grammy said...

Congratulations on your 30 days of blogging. We never got bored.

The MC said...

Everyone looks so beautiful -- children and adults!!!


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