Monday, November 9, 2009

Air Guitar Hero

Both of our girls love music. Music class appears to be one of the highlights of Shortcake's entire week at school; she has the class twice a week for 30 minutes yet I hear about this class more than anything else during her week at school. She loves coming home to teach us the song she's learned and enjoys giving us all the latest information about the instrument they are currently studying.

Punkin is equally into music although I'm not sure the kindergarten music curriculum is really going to captivate her. You see, Punkin is a budding rock star. While Shortcake knows all the latest and greatest songs related to pumpkins and can give you a detailed example of quarter notes versus eighth notes, Punkin is too busy rockin' out to a little Guns N' Roses to take notice. Just before her second birthday, on one of the first warm spring days after a long winter hibernation, I witnessed Punkin run as fast as her 23 month old legs could carry her straight into The General's garage toward the sound of loud rock music. Punkin, upon hearing this music of the White Zombie variety, ran three circles around the garage and then stopped dead in her tracks for a brief head banging session. It was one of The General's proudest moments. For me, it was the moment that first clearly defined her true personality. And then I wept.

When we're getting into the car it is Punkin who requests some "wock and woll". If the song I pull up on the i Pod does not include a guitar solo she will protest. Stone Temple Pilots and any big haired band from the 80s are her go-to groups although she also appears to have an affinity for Lady GaGa. She also is gifted at picking up lyrics. Last spring we realized after a couple of attempts that she was singing the chorus to "Sorry" by Buckcherry after hearing it as she passed through the kitchen hours earlier. I like to tap my foot on the floor or my finger on the steering wheel when I'm listening to a song I enjoy. Her natural instinct upon hearing a good beat or an excellent guitar riff is to bob her head and play a mean air guitar against the straps of her car seat.

The General has harbored fears that our children will grow up country music fans. Clearly, in the case of Punkin at least, this is a total non-issue. As if this wasn't enough? You should see her when she's put in front of a drum set. Her natural ability is enough to bring grown men to tears. You would be so proud, Drmmr7.


you can call me al said...

Punkin, you go girl!

Is anyone else a little freaked out by the fact that the videographer is also the driver of the moving vehicle in that clip?

Meghann said...

Punkin would fit in just fine around here. Me and the hubby are both classically trained musicians, and the kids get a lot of that, but we rock out a lot of the time too. Me and the girls dance to "Surrender" by Cheap Trick, often.

Lindsay's piano teacher was asking what kids' songs she likes so she could teach her. All I could think of was "Low Rider", which is one of her favorites. Lol!

Tru Stories said...

Once again, another thing in common with Tink. If they ever come to us, with the idea of a road trip to a concert. Please know that, Tink's mommy did not 'say it was ok, if you say it's ok.'

Drmmr7 said...

When do you want to record that video? I'll make sure it is all set up, and let her go.


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