Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Third Annual

Support a great cause and an awesome Relay for Life team by joining the Connors and Horries (and several other families) at Renfrew Park in picturesque Dwight, Illinois for an afternoon of camaraderie and sometimes questionable softball skills this Saturday, October 10th. It's a lot of fun, you get to walk up to the plate to your very own theme song, and all proceeds go to a great cause. See you on the field*!

*Although not really. I'm not playing due to a very embarrassing moment as I ran toward first base during my last attempt at slow-pitch softball. It's a moment I choose not to run the risk of reliving ever again, but I will be there cheering on everyone else!


Anonymous said...

Dennis is playing in it and I am going to try to come watch as well!Hope the weather holds up... C U there :) Kori

Tru Stories said...

Nothing like playing a little softball in an ice storm! One team member may stay home in bed.


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