Friday, October 23, 2009

Speaking Of DNA

Grandma Jersey Girl, paternal grandmother to the cutest child born in Minnesota ever*, left a comment on my last post regarding possible resemblance between Gizmo and one of the pictures I posted of Punkin. At first glance I immediately thought Gizmo looked like her mommy although as she's gotten older I'm seeing a some strong Mitch genes too. But there's one very specific picture I can remember seeing of Tina as an infant that makes me think that ultimately Gizmo's going to look like "one of us".

This opinion was confirmed for me the other day when a picture of an infant Shortcake popped up on my photo show screen saver. I don't know what it is, but something about this face reminds me of photos recently posted of sweetie pie Gizmo.

Then, while scrolling through other pictures of Shortcake from that same time frame this one (one of The General's favorites) also made me see some resemblance between the two cousins.

Comparing Gizmo and a similarly aged Punkin left me seeing less resemblance, but maybe it has something to do with Punkin's total lack of hair. It has always thrown me for a loop.

guess seeing as how Punkin totally takes after my side of the family (in looks only, I'll be the first to tell anyone who will listen) and I hold strong in my opinion that Shortcake is an obvious carrier of strong genes from The General's side it seems strange that I'm making a case for Gizmo and Shortcake to look alike. But what do I know - genetics were never my strong suit in Biology (Just ask JD in GC).

*Obviously I can't say Gizmo's the cutest baby anywhere ever for fear of a mutiny by my own precious children (I'll leave it up to her parents, grandparents, and aunties to make that declaration), but Gizmo is definitely in the top ten.


Anonymous said...

Aw come on Mrs., your Bio skills weren't that bad! We had fun in class regardless!! I do think that Gizmo does have some Poke in her! ;)
Love ya
JD in GC

Tina said...

Mrs. - you are right, Gizmo and Shortcake make the same expressions. All Poke! (I think the dark head of hair helps, too.) Both are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

I have always said...all the Poke kids are beautiful..Gramma Poke.

Jersey Girl said...

I knew that I saw the resemblence awhile ago, between Shortcake and Gizmo; but then I saw it with the picture of Punkin. I actually had to check twice because I thought the picture of Punkin was Shortcake. It is eery to see the same expressions on these little ones faces!! They are definitely in the same gene pool!! When I look at Gizmo's different expressions, it's almost like seeing two different babies!!
Grama JG


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