Friday, October 30, 2009

An Open Letter To The Bacteria/Virus That Is Currently Taking Up Residence In My Daughter's Body

To whichever bacteria/virus this concerns, that being the one that is causing my five year-old to experience a sore throat, headache, and worst of all a fever that appeared to have finally dissipated yesterday but inconveniently and inconsiderately resurfaced bright and early this morning – even after three rounds of antibiotics – which has therefore kept said five year old from attending school today and by default missing her very first holiday themed school party:


Did you not see how happy she was at the thought of returning to school today? Did you not notice how adorable she was with her Dorothy inspired braids, giddy with the thought of wearing her brand new ruby slippers to her class Halloween party? Did you take pleasure in seeing her tears of sadness and defeat when it was I who had to deliver the awful news that she could not return to school today? No little boy or girl who loves school as much as she does should have to miss out on one of the greatest school days of the year. Bacteria/virus, you are evil and malicious and just downright cruel.

I hate you, bacteria/virus. I honestly hate you right now. So again, I say: SUCK IT!

Signed, a very bitter mother,
The Mrs.


Tru Stories said...

Can Tink's mother get in on that letter, on her behalf? She is pretty close to missing trick or treating tomorrow. Then I will have to stay home and actually give away our candy...not cool

The MC said...

Poor Shortcake!!! How unfair! I hope she feels better soon -- it is a nasty sickness.

The MC said...

I hope both Tink and Shortcake get to trick or treat tomorrow night!!!

Anonymous said...

One time my daughter was too sick to go trick or treating. Her brother carried an extra pumpkin to fill with candy for her. It may be part of the reason she is bitter and sarcastic. Signed: The Enforcer's Mother

Tina said...

I'm so sorry, Shortcake! Feel better soon!


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