Sunday, October 25, 2009

Living It Up On Julie Drive

Following almost a week of body aches, fever, hacking cough, chills, congestion, and overall exhaustion, The General clawed his way back from the fetal position on the welcome mat of Death's Door in order to be healthy enough to attend our third annual Halloween party. Thank God for heavy duty antibiotics because had we missed this party I don't know how I could have gone on with life. Am I being dramatic? No. The party was that awesome. Good food, great costumes, an excellent superstition based scavenger hunt, and hours of dancing make for an outstanding night.

What follows below is photographic evidence of the things adults do to entertain themselves when their children have been put in the care of their grandparents and mommy & daddy are allowed to let loose. Why is it that Halloween becomes exponentially more fun in your 30s? As God as my witness, if you haven't been to an adults only costume party you honestly don't know what you're missing.

Ed Hochuli (or Ed Hercules, depending on who you ask) and The Pirate

Mary Ann and Gilligan

Slumber Party Barbie and Woody Harrelson

Snow White and Bilbo Baggins (some people in attendance also thought he resembled Prince Charming)

The Bride is rethinking her wedding dress and considering rocking the pleather look on the big day

Ask The Big Kahuna to do a Winnie the Pooh impersonation. He's got it dead on.

Scavanger hunt task one: Smash a pumpkin. Enforcer, we apologize that we failed to hear the part about completing this task in the alley. I blame The General. Pictured here is the team that will go on to take the title of Scavenger Hunt Winners (plus me who was behind the camera, of course).

Task two: stand under a ladder.

Task three: two people lay down on railroad tracks. Not pictured are tasks four (drink only half a beer to scare Coach and open an umbrella inside Willy's), five (count 13 pennies and down a scary shot at Turtle's), six (take a picture with a scary headstone in a cemetery), and seven (look in the mirror and say "Candyman" three times).

Doing my best to stay the out of the current blogging war raging between The Enforcer and Munchkin.

Their engagement picture

I could not take my eyes off of Wolverine's hair.

GG's boys

The outlaws

Ship, Captain, and Crew table

Wedding crashers (sort of)

His costume at this point in the evening was a Batman, Marlboro Man, Erik Estrada hybrid.

KISS, reunited

Marathon Man, mid-Humpty Dance

What is not pictured is the "after" pictures - we are not as young as we used to be and our aching bodies are reminding us of that hard core today. Was it worth it though? Oh, hell yes. And will we do it again? Absolutely.


The Bride said...

I still can't believe how photogenic The Drunk was last night! :) This is a good sign! I had so much fun last night

Anonymous said...

I know i have had better days than today, but wolverine was under the impresion that he should be able to heal quickly. He said that didn't happen. -Coach

Ditta said...

Great shots of Hochuli his seeing-eye-pirate... although he missed another call as someone overserved wolverine! I think it was mrs. morgans falt, or captain morgan, one of the 2.

The Mrs. said...

Hey, don't blame The Captain!


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