Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Vitamin D levels lacking in millions of U.S. children

Millions of American children may not be getting enough vitamin D, according to a new report out today. The sunshine vitamin is essential for helping kids build healthy bones and ward off rickets. Plus, new evidence shows it may ward off colds, childhood wheezing, and winter-related eczema. The study, published in the November issue of Pediatrics, is the most up-to-date look at vitamin D levels in U.S. children.*

Do I find these new findings shocking? Not really, especially considering we've apparently been transported to Seattle while we were sleeping. Rain? You can leave now. And if you wouldn't mind, please send the sunshine and a healthy dose of warm fall air in your absence. It would be much appreciated by all.


Munchkin said...

"like" fb style

The MC said...

How about this -- Teachers should quit giving so much homework so when it is sunny, kids actually have time to play outside after school.

The MC said...

Also, I heard that it's the "skinny" vitamins, so I think I should start taking some.

Munchkin said...

that's ironic since it's a fat soluble vitamin


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