Monday, September 14, 2009

Tina, Take This As A Warning: Your Father Likes To Spoil Children And Something Tells Me This Will Apply To Gizmo Times One Thousand.

Dear PaPoke,

Thank you for entertaining the girls tonight. They thoroughly enjoy being in your company especially when mean, green machinery is involved. Their love of The Gator is surpassed only by that of their Papa and candy.

Which leads me to the true purpose of this quick post. Remember that Styrofoam cup o' chocolate you gave to each of my daughters tonight? I thought you'd like to know that the large quantity of chocolate did little to prevent Shortcake from falling asleep swiftly. She is, after all, a hard working kindergartner who tells us on almost a daily basis how exhausting her school day can be.

Our little Punkin on the other hand (you remember her, the cute one with pigtails who laughed hysterically at your "pull my finger" joke?) is still flying high as I type this three hours after she inhaled that mini Crunch bar, a peanut butter cup (and nearly the wrapper), and the large quantity of M&Ms. I have been listening to her read books to herself and her stuffed animals (in complete darkness), sing songs, kick the wall, open her closet doors, run as fast as her feet will carry her in a dash toward her bed when she hears my footsteps in the hallway, and cheerfully exclaiming, "HI, MOMMY!" each time she sees me pass by her door. I've gone in there three times, each time using a more stern tone of voice, telling her very clearly that it is bedtime. It appears as though her chocolate buzz is rendering her incapable of slumber.

I'm giving it another fifteen minutes, and if she's still awake I'm calling you to come pick her up and take her home with you. This momma needs some quiet time.

Your favorite blonde haired niece,

The Mrs.


Anonymous said...

I think Gizmo will be safe from the chocolate buzz provided by Pa Poke...she has nothing to chew the chocolate with!! I'll keep a look out for chocolate milk in the baby bottles while he's in the state of MN!!
I hope Punkin has crashed by now!!

Tina said...

Oh no.....Winnie had told me that he had pumped the girls full of chocolate, but the "pull my finger" joke is just too much! I better take the Nesquik and Hershey's Syrup out of the house before he gets here so he doesn't spike Gizmo's milk.

If he tries anything, I'll make sure to stand outside his bedroom door during the screaming hysteria before the 3am feeding. That should take care of it.

Hope she fell asleep!


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