Friday, September 25, 2009

Six Easy Steps From The Mrs. To Mahatma Ghandi

I ran track with a girl from GSW who is now a big time SLP in the greater Los Angeles area. Wadup, Cliffdog - I'm so proud of you!

In addition to her role as speech-language pathologist, Sarah is also business partners with Jenny McCarthy. You might know her as the author of several best selling books, her work as an autism advocate/activist, and possibly from her time on MTV's Singled Out or in a certain magazine well known for the "great articles". They work together as co-founders of their successful Teach to Talk educational videos.

Jenny McCarthy is in a long term relationship with Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey starred in The Magestic with Martin Landau.

Martin Landau and Ben Kingsley were in the direct-to-DVD feature Joseph (The Bible Collection).

Ben Kingsley won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Gandhi.

Suck it, Munchkin!


Munchkin said...

did you lose your job?

Anonymous said...

that would be GSW :)

Tru Stories said...

If people are just casually reading this blog and not checking the comments: they are missing the best part! Heart u, Munchkin.

The Mrs. said...

THIS is what gets you to finally come out of lurkdom to post a comment, Enforcer? I thought I'd never see the day.

Anonymous said...

Shortcake and Pumpkin, Today is Monday the 28th. Yesterday Gramma was on top of Loon Mountain and today we will travel on Squam Lake. The boat will be bigger than Erik's boat. Tonight we ride on a train through the mountains and along a big lake and we even eat supper on it! The leaves are beautiful but I can't wait to see you when I get home. Hugs and Kisses from Gramma Poke. XXOO


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