Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She Kills Me. She Just About Almost Literally Kills Me.

I am raising a master manipulator. In the midst of a stern talking to about why we do not resort to physical violence when we don't get our way Punkin somehow manages to turn around the situation to her favor. It's impressive is what it is.

Setting: Punkin's room, three minutes after she was sent there for inappropriate behavior.

The Mrs.: Punkin, tell me why I sent you to your room.
Punkin: Why?
The Mrs.: Why did mommy send you to your room?
Punkin: 'Cause I was kickin' you.
The Mrs.: And do we kick people?
Punkin: Noooo...
The Mrs.: No. We do not kick people. It is not nice.
Punkin: Yeah.
The Mrs.: It hurts mommy's feelings when you are not nice. We DO NOT kick.
Punkin: Yeah, but I can kick at swim lessons. When I'm in the watuh. You know, I kick in the watuh.
The Mrs.: That's true. You can kick at swim lessons...
Punkin: (interrupting to further prove that she has found a loophole to my scolding) Yeah! I told you! But not in the baby pool. I don't need to kick in the baby pool. But I kick in the big pool when I'm swimmin'.
The Mrs.:...but we DO NOT kick people. That is not okay.
Punkin: Yeah, I know mom.

Lord, give me strength.

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Barb said...

She's gonna be an attorney for sure. Girl finds a loophole and tries to make you forgot what you were originally there to talk about. Masterful. I say encourage her :) She may make you lots of money one day. And you want a nice nursing home, right?


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