Friday, September 25, 2009

Papa, Apparently Shortcake Is Over Your Medical Mishaps

My mom called last night from her latest tour guide location in New York (state, not city). She really didn't want to talk to me - or the girls once she found out Survivor was airing in less than fifteen minutes - and had instead meant to call my dad but that's not the point of today's post. As we were talking she asked if I had heard the latest about Dad's head injury. Since he was impaled by a tree branch a couple of months ago he has experienced some ongoing pain and when he went back to placing warm compresses on his head for comfort my mom decided to take a closer look. Turns out some of that discomfort might have been due to the half inch piece of bark still lodged in (and moving it's way out of) the incision site.

After I got off the phone with my mom the following conversation took place. It made me laugh so I'm sharing it here. That's how I roll.

Me: Guess what, girls. Papa had to go back to the doctor.
Shortcake: (with horror) Why?
Me: Because he had a piece of a tree in his head!
Shortcake: (rolling her eyes) Not again...
Me: Yep. Isn't that crazy?
Punkin: Dat isn't cwazy. Dat's baaaad!
Shortcake: What did the doctor do?
Me: She had to take the wood out and give him more stitches.
Shortcake: Ugh, that Papa...

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