Monday, September 28, 2009

I Should Have Just Called In Sick

Today was one of those days that from the moment my eyes opened I knew I would be better off just pulling the covers over my head and refusing to leave my bed for the rest of the day.

It started at 5:15 am when I woke up to Punkin standing next to me, crying and distraught because she had peed in her bed.

After cleaning her up and calming her down I fell back asleep only to wake up late. I was then rushed all morning long trying to get Shortcake & me out the door in time for school.

My bad day continued when the copier at work broke down on me twice while I was trying to copy work for my students.

On the way home from work Shortcake informed me that she already knows who she's going to marry. His name is Caleb and he rides the bus with Shortcake. When asked how she knows she will marry him her reply was, "Because he said 'yes'". So, apparently, not only is she growing up too fast she's also aggressive. Punkin then informed me she was going to marry her friend Addyson and I was not invited to the wedding. I asked her who was going to pay for the wedding, she told me I was, and I told her that I wasn't going to pay for it unless I could come. Her response: "Nevuh mind. I'll pay fo it". (Okay, so that's more funny than depressing, but still.)

With the arrival of fall-like weather, I spent an hour doing one of my least favorite jobs: switching out seasonal wardrobes. As if that job wasn't painful enough, I was sadden to realize that Punkin is already wearing 4T clothing. This fall and winter she'll be wearing clothes that her older sister wore just last year. Please? Stop growing up so fast?

Finally, following a rushed late dinner and ultra-quick baths, all three of us ended the night in tears. Someone was lying to me about a completely trivial matter and I lost it. Both girls went to their bedroom in tears, Shortcake was missing her daddy, Punkin was extra tired because it appears as though she might be giving up naps, and I was frustrated, angry, and exhausted. I hate sending the girls to bed on a bad note and I'm angry with myself for being such a lunatic about the littlest things.

Now I have a headache, I have no desire to workout, and my fantasy team is losing again this week. The only thing keeping me from the depths of despair is the knowledge that my team has scored more than 38 points this week.

So here's to tomorrow. May it suck less than today.


Munchkin said...

did it help your day to slide in that 38 point dig?

The Mrs. said...

Slightly. If I'm goin' down I'm taking him down with me. Sorry, babe - for better or worse, remember?

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for the Carbon Hill Grils today! Love you all. Mom/Gramma Poke.

Tina said...

Hang in there! Today will be a better day.

tlk said...

I was giving out free fantasy football advice at the KKC. To bad you missed out on it. The rest of that stuff I have no way of helping with though.


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