Friday, September 18, 2009

Green and Gold, Baby

In honor of our high school's homecoming game tonight all five schools in our school district held "Coaler Spirit Day" in which students were asked to dress in shades of green and gold, the official school colors for our community. Not wanting her to feel left out, I made sure Shortcake had official school gear to don today.

This is my eighth year working in the district, my first having a child attending school in the district, and still I feel a twinge of guilt wearing these colors. Forgive me alma mater, but I must support the school that educates my children and offers me employment. Plus, they get all our tax dollars so I might as well cheer for their teams. Rest assure, I'll always love the kelly green and white (but not so much the red).

In other school related business, midterm progress reports were sent home today.

Aside from needing practice on writing her name using proper formation (e.g., upper and lower case letters), Shortcake's teacher has reported that Shortcake is doing great. She claims that Shortcake is a "lovely young lady," and I couldn't agree more. Way to go, Shortcake!


parker said...

It is midterm already?! Wow! Christmas will be here before we know it!!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl! Congrats to all! Gramma Poke

Barb said...

Owww, it is like a dagger. It hurts me a little to see that you've had to parcel your allegiances. How does the General feel about this?

That aside, you've got one cute little girl there! She seems like she's grown up even since I started following your blog. Amazing.

The General said...

As long as they keep paying The Mrs, GO COALERS!

The MC said...

Great job, Shortcake!!!! But...I still can't believe you're a Coaler!!!

Munchkin said...

i just threw up in my mouth a little

J said...

She has the greatest smile!

And I understand your attachment to kelly green. My husband even understands how much I love it and bought me a swimming suit this summer drenched in kelly green! I'm proud and ashamed to say I wore it. Go Trojans!


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