Friday, September 11, 2009

Flip, Boom, Tears, Sleepy, Co-Pay, Orange Crush

Are my girls too young to get a smug "I told you so" from me? When will they learn that their mother is always right?

Shortcake & Punkin were playing on the back porch last night, taking turns swinging in the hammock. They were getting a bit rowdy and so I warned them of the dangers of rough housing in what amounts to a suspeded nylon cocoon. Around 7 pm, following dinner and while I was on the phone with a friend, the girls decided to spend some more time in the hammock. I turned just in time to see Punkin flip right out of the hammock and onto the wood deck in full on cheekbone/forehead to floor contact. I hastily explained to my friend that I had to go and rushed out to Punkin who immediately began crying in pain.

It is no secret that Punkin is a bit of a drama queen, but I could tell that she was hurting. I cuddle her, checked for wounds, and tried to apply ice (a futile attempt as she was having none of that). I brought her in the hosue to start the bath and bed routine and noticed instantly that she seemed unusually lethargic. At one point while I was helping Shortcake, Punkin fell asleep on her bed while waiting for me. Highly unusual behavior.

I made some calls to my sisters-in-law who I thought could provide some guidance in treating head injuries. Both suggested I keep her awake until The General got home in three hours time. I realized by 8 pm that keeping her awake was not going to be an easy task. I grew increasingly concerned when she fell asleep on the couch around 9 pm and could not be roused; the fact that there was no bump or goose egg at the point of contact also had me worried. The following email sent to AL, Munchkin, and Gramma Poke explains how the remainder of our night went:

Last night Punkin was acting increasingly more lethargic and when she fell asleep on the couch about 9 pm and I was unable to wake her up easily even after shaking her and calling her name (which is totally not like her). I thought for peace of mind I should probably take her to the ER. Gramma Poke did not help when she brought up the Natasha Richardson incident. Anyway, by the time The General got home after I called him to come home early she was acting herself. She was PUMPED about going to see the doctor, immediately started playing with the toys in the waiting room and making conversation with another boy her age, and while we waited in an examine room she informed me that she was hungry and said we should go to Wendy's.

The doctor, PA and nurse all said she looked "excellent" - no facial fractures and a CT was not recommended. They would have done one if I had insisted but really I didn't think it was necessary. I figured they already thought I was a neurotic, overreacting mother for bringing her in in the first place.

She woke up today and immediately started bossing Shortcake around & scolding me for not laying out her clothes for today then ate two bowls of cereal. I think she'll be just fine. Thanks for all the advice & concern last night!

Her official diagnosis upon release from the ER was "facial contusion"- a fancy way of saying her cheek was a little red and scratched - and she was rewarded with an Orange Crush for her bravery. Punkin thought the whole hospital visit was pretty awesome, telling me on the way in, "This is so exciting!". The thing kids will do for a night out on the town.

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Tina said...

Ha! I'm glad she's OK. I would have gone to the ER, too - you just never know. Better to be safe than sorry!


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