Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best (Class)Room Mate Ever

There have been a number of changes at work this year with even more change on the horizon, but by far the best change of all has been the return of my co-worker, Jen. She and I were separated last year working in different buildings but now she's back sharing a room with me two days a week. And all is right with the world.

Not only do Jen & I share a number of students which means spending our days sending glances of frustration and amusement across the heads of our unsuspecting students, we also spend time "conferencing". This typically amounts to sharing funny stories about our kids, airing frustrations we're experiencing with things at work, discussing fantasy football highs and lows, or complaining about praising our husbands. I so look forward to Tuesdays when we share a room for the entire day. It's good for my soul and mental well-being.

Today I unloaded a sizeable "brain dump" on poor Jen. Last night's events were the catalyst that brought weeks worth of negative thoughts to the surface and Jen was the patient, supportive ear that I needed to be able to verbally release all my maternal guilt, neuroses, fears, and frustration. While The General and my mom are typically the recipient of such rambling what I needed was a fellow mom in the trenches to commiserate with. Not only did Jen assure me that she has (or currently is) experiencing many of the same emotions that I am, she also didn't try to fix it for me or assure me that everything is fine. I can't tell you had good it felt to air out some of those feelings I've been holding on to for way too long.

Thank you, Jen, for being there when I needed you. I'm sure you didn't expect coming into work today that you'd have to play the role of therapist, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to listen to me ramble. You help keep me sane, and I love you for that!


jen said...

Aren't you sweet to say such things...I have to say I enjoy having my old roomate back this year too.
First of all it was no problem to lend an ear and commiserate with you and second of all, I always come to work ready to do therapy, it's just usually with shorter people than you. :) Tuesdays for me are the mental health day of the week--something that was soooo missing last year. I'm glad you were able to get some of the angst out. I know there will be more for both of us as the year rolls on!

Munchkin said...

this amount of time between posts is unacceptable, i know at least someone living in your household has done something ridiculous enough to warrant a blog post


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