Monday, August 31, 2009

We Are Now Officially The Household of School Aged Child

Today, among the numerous papers brought home from a busy day in kindergarten, Shortcake's backpack contained a thick, large white envelope. "What in the world is this?", I wondered to myself as I pulled it from her bag. I turned the envelope over and immediately realized what I was holding.

It was the dreaded PSO fundraiser packet.

Apparently I suffer from a serious case of short term memory loss. Despite watching the assembly touted as the "kick-off" for this year's fundraising campaign at my school this morning, I was totally ignorant to the fact that my own daughter would be a part of this campaign as well. How did it escape me that we'd be subjected to this kind of torture now that we have a child in the public school system?

So here we are, catalog and order form sitting on our dining room table begging to be pimped out to any and all unsuspecting friends and family members. All co-workers of The General's should have their checkbooks ready as well 'cause payback time for all those tubs of frozen cookie dough purchased by this family has finally arrived. The fundraiser runs through next Tuesday, so if you're hankering for some chocolate covered pretzels or in dire need of wrapping paper for any celebration from birthdays to Hanukkah you know where to find us. Help a school raise money for assemblies and a little girl earn enough points to bring home a bunch of cheap plastic toys as a reward!


Munchkin said...

really? REALLY?

you're not using your blog as a forum to pimp out you child's crappy fundraiser food?

how about you repost the link to the OGLJWI site

Munchkin said...

that's supposed to say "now"

The Mrs. said...

No, not really. It was more of a warning that if you see Shortcake in the next week she'll probably have her fund raising tools in hand.

And the link is posted in the right margin. Are you ready? BRING IT!


Meghann said...

Avoiding the fundraisers alone has been worth the homeschooling we're doing.

The MC said...

Dean told his teacher that I wouldn't let him do the magazine drive, so she didn't even send it home with him!!! John's went back unopened the next day.


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