Friday, August 21, 2009

Thor's Been Served His Eviction Notice

Dear Thor,

I'm going to be very direct - you have cooked long enough. I know you're nice and comfy all squished up in your mommy's tummy, and yes we get it that you move at your own speed. Well, guess what. Your mama has had it and now she's called in for reinforcements. Those squeezes you experienced last night? Yeah, those are contractions baby and I'm hoping right about now you're getting a feel for a whole lot more of those. Someday when you're old enough to appreciate the story we'll all sit you down and explain to you how anticipated your birth was. We'll tell you that we loved you so very much from the moment we learned of your existence yet also came to realize that we could could get really annoyed with someone not yet out of the womb. Forty-one weeks is entirely too long to meet the offspring of Tina & Mitch. It's just not nice of you to make us wait this long, and someday we'll make you pay. I think making you go into town to buy your mother and I beers while you're at Ma & Pa Poke's house visiting over the summer might be a good start. Then when you return we'll embarrass you with more gross stories and then send you & your second cousins on your way. Because mothers can't be bothered when they're laying on rafts in the pool trying to get a good buzz going.

Baby Thor, please come soon. I'm begging you. Your very exciting and perhaps slightly hysterical welcoming committee has assembled in Minnesota, and your extended audience is anxiously awaiting word of your arrival. So, for the love of all things holy, get movin' already!

Your very loving pseudo-aunt but really cousin,

The Mrs.


(I talked to Tina around 5 pm. She was waiting to be able to go in for her second round of hormones/gel AND assuming she has dilated finally after three hours of contractions 5 minutes apart last night, she should go in for her induction as scheduled sometime tomorrow if not tonight. Thor's Illinois grandparents, aunt & uncle are stationed close to the action and now we just wait for that phone call. Most importantly - after the safe & healthy delivery of Thor of course - the hospital has WiFi and the mommy & daddy-to-be have a draft day game plan for Sunday's OCH Football draft. Whew! Keep Tina & Mitch in your thoughts and prayers. I'll update with the news of Thor's arrival as soon as I get clearance.)


Anonymous said...

Lets Go Thor....Mrs., I love the post. Gramma Poke (the old Gramma Poke not the new one!) (:

The MC said...

How exciting!!!

J said...

This reminds me of a day about 6.5 years ago. Make sure they use enough juice on the induction or you'll be sitting in the hospital for 72 hours before Thor arrives!


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