Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They're Like Thelma & Louise Without The Felony Charges

This picture was taken five years ago, the day we brought Shortcake home from the hospital. Her first visitor after we arrived home? Her BFF, Addyson.

Their days of being pushed side-by-side in strollers through the mall have been replaced with bicycles and running to the soundtrack of giggles and nonstop chatter. When we would go places together people would always ask, "Are they twins?". "No," their mothers would answer, "just best friends".

Today during kindergarten orientation our girls walked through the halls of their new school side by side, rarely glancing back to see if we were following. Both girls (and their mothers) were just this side of ecstatic when we found out they'd be in the same kindergarten classroom. I'll sleep better at night knowing Shortcake has her wing man by her side all day long.

Here's to an awesome year of school, girls. I couldn't be more excited that you'll start this next adventure of your lives together. Your mommies & daddies are so proud of you!


The MC said...

They're going to have a great year!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so great!! Bubba has his best buddy in his class too--and it is a HUGE relief! They've gone for 2 days now...and act like they've been doing it forever!
Have fun girls!! =)

Anonymous said...

They are so darn cute! Gramma Poke

AuntieM said...

Mrs. I've been thinking about you all day!!! Bet is was a 3 hankie day!!!! She will do great and no doubt will be the teachers assistant by Christmas!!!

AuntieM said...

The question did Punkin do without her big sis????????


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