Friday, August 14, 2009

Talk About Family Insanity

Earlier this summer AL mentioned her desire to have all the nieces and nephews over to her house for a cousin sleepover. Schedules were difficult to coordinate, but finally on Wednesday all three families joined at Seventh Heaven Headquarters for a day and night of family fun.

I don't know if AL is more brave or crazy, but bless her soul for being willing to take all nine kids on at the same time.

Judging from the stories I heard on the way home from picking the girls up coupled with the fact that Punkin fell asleep at 11:45 on the way home and then napped in her bed for the following four hours, I think that the cousin sleepover was a big hit. The pictures AL sent to my inbox served as confirmation.

I hope my girls realize someday how blessed they are to have such a fun and amazing extended family.


Munchkin said...

reuben looks to be saying in the first picture:

"mom, do we really need more of these people in our house? i already can't get a word in edge wise"

The MC said...

The boys had a great time!! Thanks 7th Heaven!!!

you can call me al said...

We'll do it again!

J said...

You're brave Al. I had crazy cousin weekend at my house, but crazy brother and sister were there to help out!


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