Friday, August 7, 2009

LIVE! From Lake Shelbyville!

I'm taking just a moment to ask you all to please excuse this pause in regular blogging programming.

The family is currently enjoying the third annual Family Insanity Tour, this year at Fire Fly Lodge in Sullivan, IL. As I type this, four of the siblings are enjoying a round of golf on one of the area courses, three are on a beer run, and the three remaining are sitting in the lodge enjoying free WiFi, comfy furniture, and cable television. While we're busy getting accustomed to our 3,000 foot cabin on the lake, I will give you the promise to be back on Monday with a last ditch effort to end the summer blogging season with lots of new material.

So stop sending me the evil eye, Enforcer!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and Tina I have my phone on me in case you have any important announcements to share with me!


The MC said...

Good times!!

Tina said...

Have a great, RELAXING time!


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