Monday, August 10, 2009

Firefly Lodge Weekend Recap

Thanks to the ingenuity of laptops and wireless Internet, the highlight of the Family Insanity Tour '09 has already been revealed. Prior to the family weekend, only two family members (not including Drmmr who obviously knew something was going down) were in on the Big Secret. The rest of us all admitted that none of us imagined we'd witness a proposal last weekend, and we were all honored to be a part of the big event. We're even more honored that The Bride willingly agreed to become part of this crazy clan. What a great addition to our family she will be.

As far as the rest of our weekend at Firefly Lodge, I think The Bride's journal entry in the cabin's guest book best summarizes how we spent the majority of our time away from home (click to enlarge).

Quick question: that whole "perfect place to gain 9 family members" thing. Do you think The Bride was talking about the nine adults that witnessed the proposal? Or the nine nieces and nephews we left at home? I wonder if she remembered in her excitement that we're all a package deal...

Anyway, in case you don't believe her, there was of course the proposal and bonfire.

She wasn't lying about the Wii gaming, game playing, or ping pong dominating either.

I think the only things we did that she forgot to mention was the lake enjoying (particularly by yours truely), 5 mile hiking (an event that two of my sisters-in-law claimed they enjoyed while the other sister-in-law made perfectly clear she would never do again), pretrip ankle twisting, good eating, plank contesting, Facebook checking, and winery visiting.

And of course, there was laughing. You can always count on lots of laughing (with and at but mostly with) during a Family Insanity Tour.

It's already been decided that for the 2010 trip we leave the countryside and go metropolitan. Watch out Indianapolis - next year The Tour is coming to you.


Tina said...

Great last picture! Indy is a perfect place for the fam to invade - have fun planning that trip!

Anonymous said...

What a fun family trip! Congrats to the newly engaged!
I have to say the last picture reminded me of the Brady Bunch, but you guys are way cooler.

Drunk Driver said...



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