Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Thursday Medical Mystery Quiz - UPDATED!!!!


This post contains pictures which may not be suitable for those readers who have weak stomachs or are prone to pass out when presented with gruesome medical footage.
Proceed with caution.

In my attempt to provide The Enforcer with five solid days of One Carbon Hill blogging commentary to make up for the drought experienced during The General's vacation, today I'm holding quizzes based on the following pictures. Some of you already know the answers which will be presented with the second picture, and I ask that you refrain from spoiling the quiz fun for those who are eligible to play. You are, however, invited to play along with the first quiz.

To play today's quizzes, simply study the following pictures and answer the questions that follow. Prizes may (or may not) be awarded to the person(s) who are able to answer the most questions correctly. Send your emails to onecarbonhill [at] hotmail [dot] com or leave your answers in the comments section. I'll accept entries through tomorrow.

Good luck!

Quiz 1:

1. What is this a picture of? Arm hair
2. Where is this object located? The General's arm
3. Where and when was this picture taken? Taken with a magnifying scope/camera at Children's Discovery Museum at Shortcake's birthday adventure.

Congratulations to The MC for answering every question right!

Quiz 2:

1. Who is this? My Dad
2. What are those things in his/her head and how many are there? Staples, nine of them
3. How did this person sustain this injury? While trimming under an evergreen tree, he stood up and was impaled by the sharp, pointed end of a broken off branch. He came to Shortcake's birthday party about four hours later, Mrs. MC and I took a look at the injury, and ordered him to go to prompt care. It was nasty and reminded me why I refuse to do yard work.

Parker got one of the questions right, correctly identifying the person. Congrats to you for being able to recognize my dad by the back of his head!


AuntieM said...

I'm going to make wild guesses here..
quiz one:
some kind of ceiling, in an exploration station while on Shortcake's B-day adventure in Bloomington
quiz 2:
guessing Eric, 9 stitches, received from Carrie while standing in kitchen (many sharp objects) and answering a wedding plan question incorrectly or second idea....a bad self hair transplant gone wrong.......(ok, i will not be waiting for a prize) BUT.. let's all have one more drink!!!!!

Parker said...

Here goes...

1. A picture of a hair follicle taken at the Discovery Museum in Bloomington (or Normal?) last week.

2. A picture of your Dad's head after receiving stitches because the General hit him in the head with drywall....

And...if I was correct in #1, the person in #2 does not have any of those left in that particular area of his head....

Parker (again) said...

I mean staples...10 of them...

...must have been a hell of hit with the drywall!!

(I am totally second guessing my original answer...)

em said...

Oh no!! Is your dad storing pop cans in the garage again?!


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