Friday, July 24, 2009

Shaking My Fists At The Gods Of Summer Construction Work

Today we were in Shorewood for Shortcake's visit to the dentist. What follows is a look at our ride home.

We merged onto interstate 55 from IL Rt. 59 (which is currently under heavy construction). Thirty seconds later I notice the "Road Construction - Five Miles Ahead" sign. Immediately following that observation I bypassed the exit for Interstate 80 thinking that the long line of traffic backed up for bridge inspection would have diminished in the two hours since we had passed it on our way north. Thirty seconds after that we became a part of this.

Thirty seconds after that I put in a call to The General asking for advice on the best alternate route home. He suggested Route 6 (the next exit) and I boldly told him we'd be there and on our way by the time he was passing us on the northbound lanes of I-55 while on his way to work.

We are still sitting on I-55, not even close to our alternate exit. The General has passed us at 70 mph on the northbound lanes and I've made three phone calls while creeping along at an inconsistent 5 mph. We've moved a total of maybe a mile.

Still three miles from the actual construction site, down to two lanes.

Still not to the first available exit off I-55.

We have now missed lunch time and are rapidly approaching Punkin's naptime which means from my rear view mirror I witnessed this...

...and this...

...and a whole lot of this

The situation was becoming dire and we were still not to our exit.

Having moved no more than two car lengths in six minutes I went all renegade and pulled the car onto the right shoulder of the road and drove up to the exit for Rt. 6.

See ya, suckas!

Take me home, (what were once) country roads.

We were on our new path home, cruising along peacefully. Until.

I swore silently at this warning of more construction, but it turned out to be an empty threat.

The whining from the backseat was intensifying with each passing minute as we were now in The Dark Zone (aka Punkin's nap time). I did what any desperate mother would do.

I'll second that "Pure Joy" advertising any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

We were nearly out of Morris city limits but first...

...more construction! Thankfully for the sake of my rising blood pressure, all lanes are currently open and we passed through without pausing.

We made the turn for the home stretch.

Shortcake fake slept in an attempt to get her sister to stop talking to her.

Then finally.


What is typically a straight shot 25 minute drive took almost 90 minutes. North bound lanes are slated for bridge inspection next, starting August 3rd. Big fan of summer bridge construction/inspection I AM NOT.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mrs. I'm so sorry! But, I laughed out loud at your lunch...I would totally do that too....The other night B. wasn't home and I didn't feel like making dinner, so I asked the kids what they wanted...knowing full well what they would say. Nuggets, cheeseburgers, fries and apples for all!

Tina said...

I laughed so hard at this post I cried - I hope knowing that this was such blogworthy material kept your spirits up throughout the whole ordeal! I can't decide which is funnier - the McDonald's bag or Shortcake faking sleep. I also love the clock pictures. What a riot.

Seriously, one of the best blog posts ever. Nice work, Mrs!

mitch said...

Nice renegade driving there Bandit! I hope you kept a look out for Smokey when you were off-roading on the shoulder. Do car seats even fit in the back of a sweet gold-bird-on-the-hood Trans Am?

em said...

Thank God for the economic stimulus package!


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