Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Disadvantage Of Having Large, Clean Windows

In just you can't tell, those droplets on our living room window are not precipitation or remnants of a water balloon fight. They are, in fact, bird juice.

The innocent bird that hit our living room window ten minutes ago hit with such velocity and force that I actually heard the bird-to-glass impact from the bathroom. While blow drying my hair. Shortcake was in the living room playing Wii and judging from the way she sprinted in to tell me what had just transpired I imagine that she just about jumped out of her skin when the bird came hurtling into the window.

So now I have a dead bird on my front porch (which I feel bad about but will not remove myself feeling firmly that animal carcass removal is a job for The General and The General only) and "clean living room window" just got added to my already daunting To-Do List.

Sorry about your wayward travels and untimely death, bird, but damn you for messing up my clean windows.

Also, note to self: Really. Get moving on getting some curtains already, woman.

Holy crap, you guys, I think I just witnessed a miracle. THE BIRD HAS BEEN RESURRECTED! Ten minutes after publishing this post, I walked over and cautiously peered onto the porch to get one more look at the poor bird. I'll be darned if the stinkin' thing wasn't standing there, looking a little dazed understandably, staring right at me. Just as I went to take its picture so I could share it with all the world the Little Bird That Could flew off. But not before leaving me a little gift of two giant piles of bird doo-doo.


parker said...

Wow! That was one bad collision to knock the bird out like that! At least you know the window is sturdy!

I have read that birds sometimes eat some sort of a berry that makes them "drunk"...and they often times won't see the window or they see thier own reflection and think it is another "good looking bird".

Or, maybe it was auditioning for a commercial for Windex!!

Jersey Girl said...

That used to happen to us alot in our old house...dumb birds would hit the windows and lay stunned for sometimes hours!! I even had one who laid on his back...flat out. I was sure he was dead!! It made me nuts to think there were
"dead birds" in the yard or on the deck!! Yuck!! But SOOOOO happy when they revived themselves and flew away!!


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