Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Another Sign Of How Times Have Changed

Last week the girls had yet another summer first, visiting the dentist for their first of many regular check-ups. Shortcake needed a dental check-up for kindergarten, and I figured if I was taking one girl I might as well have both of them checked to ensure their oral hygiene is in good standing.

We learned that that Shortcake has "ropy saliva" (meaning it's stickier than most other people's saliva), the start of a cavity between two of her top back teeth AND discovered that two bottom teeth are wiggly already for crying out loud. Aside from that, and forgetting the fact that Punkin decided to place her Sleeping Beauty sticker on the hygientit's sticker unfriendly metal foot pedal 30 seconds after receiving it, the appointment went better than I could have expected. Of course, given how things have changed since I was sitting in the dentist's chair at their age, what could have gone wrong?

Back in the day, when I was five years old and visiting the dentist, I had nothing to look at but a picture of a kitten hanging from a tree and a poster that warned, "You don't have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep". In comparison, the girls enjoyed 30 minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba and Dragon Tails on ceiling mounted high def plasm TVs. Punkin didn't even acknowledge the dentist while he checked her teeth as she was so enthralled with her show. When it came time to begin cleaning their teeth, they donned fancy shades so as not to receive any errant watermelon flavored teeth cleaning fragments in their eyes like their poor mom used to suffer through. And gone are the days of the embarrassing line of thick spit dripping onto your paper bib after spitting into the tiny sink next to the chair; now, the hygienist does all the work for you by suctioning out the excess water and saliva with her handheld tools.

Upon completion of their appointments, instead of choosing a rinky-dink plastic toy out of a treasure chest, the girls got to take home a brand new tooth brust, a carnation sprinkled with glitter, and a plush Ty stuffed animal (a giraffe, the office's mascot of sorts).

Kids these days. They don't realize how easy they have it.


Meghann said...

Our dentist still just has the rinky dink plastic toy bin. But they do have the flat screen tv's and sunglasses. Oh, and a game room, complete with X-boxes or something like that. And here I thought my dentist as a kid was cool for having two arcade games in his office.

I'll remain anonymous... said...

Did anyone else ever accidentally spit on the floor at Dr. Koontz office? I didn't find out until a few years ago that you could actually pick up the cup that you spit in. I always just got as close and I could and let it fly! I was so happy when they got the tube that sucks the stuff out of your mouth. There was so much less pressure!

Anonymous said...

Dear nieces, your uncle needs the name and number of your dentist....


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