Monday, July 20, 2009

Flying Solo Again (Sort Of)

Today marks the end of The General's month long break from his full time job. I hesitate to call it his "vacation" because a review of how he spent his time away from work really is not exactly my idea of vacation worthy activities. In fact he's mentioned on several occasions over the past four weeks that he's ready to go back to work just so he can relax a little. Homeboy has worked his tail off working on the kitchen, dining room, and foyer and although he's a little disappointed that all the work is not yet complete he definitely accomplished a lot while he was home. We even managed to convince him to step away from the home improvement projects and join in on some quality family adventures while he was home (which I loved and was by far my favorite part of him being home). I knew the time was quickly approaching when he would return to his regular work, but I'm still not very happy about it. Let me tell you why.

Reasons I am not happy that The General's vacation is ending:
  1. He won't be home for dinner.
  2. I'll have to clear off the dinner table by myself again.
  3. His going back to work means my return to work is that much closer.
  4. I'll have to do bedtime routines with the girls by myself.
  5. No more running to the store for a quick trip without the girls in tow.
  6. I won't have any good Wii competition until after 10:30 pm.
  7. Family adventures will either be confined to a Saturday or Sunday or I'll have to take two kids by myself. That thought frightens me.
  8. He didn't get a chance to play golf or work on his tan while he was home.
  9. There will be no one to look at and say, "What the hell?" when the girls have lost a grip on their sanity and self-control.
  10. No more mid-day bear hugs.
  11. The amount of time we have for quality conversation will decrease dramatically.
  12. He'll miss out on the crazy things the girls do or say during the day. Retelling a funny story just isn't the same as being there to witness it yourself.
  13. Those things which weren't finished in the home improvement project will have to be done on his weekends which are already packed solid for at least the next three weeks.
  14. The girls are really going to miss having him around especially on those days when Mommy is less than chipper.
  15. I'm not thrilled about him going back to the stress and frustration he experiences on a day-to-day basis at work.
  16. I'll just plain miss spending all day with my best friend.

On the flip side...

Reasons I am glad The General's vacation has come to an end:
  1. Maybe I'll rediscover my early summer motivation to work out every day.
  2. Perhaps I'll go back to blogging more than twice a week and people will stop hounding me about my lack of posts (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, JENNIFER!).
It's been awesome having him home. Your girls are going to miss you, General!

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