Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Contributing Less Waste (Literally) To Our Local Landfills

It is with extremely cautious optimism, with all my fingers crossed and while knocking on wood, that I make the following announcement.

Punkin is potty trained, and we are a diaper free household for
the first time since 2004.

Amen and hallelujah!

After I finished school for summer break I switched Punkin to wearing underwear almost exclusively. We had some slip-ups along the way and more than a couple pairs of underwear met their demise after particularly dirty accidents, but for the most part she's done really well since making the jump from diapers and pull-ups. One night at bedtime I was feeling particularly brave after having observed she had gone almost a week waking up with a dry diaper. I informed her that I was going to let her sleep in her underwear, and we did several drills before bed that night as to what she was going to do first thing the next morning. I also will shamelessly admit to using threats of expulsion from swim lessons as additional motivation, explaining to her that anyone who poops or pees in the pool gets kicked out and will not be allowed to take swim lessons EVER AGAIN. Apparently she takes that threat seriously seeing as how she'll take potty breaks EVERY 15 MINUTES when we're swimming. Better that than slinking away in shame as everyone points at your child as "the one who forced everyone out of the pool before break time". I could never show my face at Stevenson Pool again if that happened, I swear.

True to her personality, she was not one to start using the potty on anyone's terms but her own. I've mentioned before that I tried to find a very Zen-like attitude about the whole thing, making the phrase, "She'll do it when she's ready" my personal mantra. Honestly, I pictured it happening something like this: one day, she poops and pees in her diaper. The next day, she'd wake up and make a grand announcement telling us she was no longer going to use diapers and was ready for full-time potty use. It didn't happen quite like that, but who cares? She's got it down now (*knocking on wood again*) and that's all that matters. The best part is that she shows her independence during toilet time which means the amount of time that I spend in the bathroom during other people's "reading time" has decreased dramatically. And I am a-okay with that.

To commemorate this most outstanding developmental milestone, Punkin was the guest of honor at her very own "Big Girl Potty Party" on Monday night. We didn't do the streamers or balloons this time around, but I think the fudge marble cake and chocolate chip ice cream were really all Punkin was worried about.

After our celebratory dessert, Punkin and I went into her room and packed up the rest of her unused diapers and set them on her bookshelf in hopes that the "Diaper Fairy" would pick them up and deliver them to a baby in need. To say Punkin was excited to wake up to a note and a one dollar bill from the "Diaper Fairy" the next morning is a gross understatement.

I'll admit that there were moments that I didn't think Punkin would ever be potty trained, and I am fairly certain that there were certain members of my family (*cough*Dad*cough*) that held the same fear. But here we are, a little girl at almost three years and three months, proudly wearing big girl pants and announcing her need to potty like she's been doing it all her life. My pride in her accomplishment is surpassed only by my joy at not having to buy diapers ever again (*still knocking on wood*).

Sidenote: A word of warning. Bathroom breaks are public knowledge as far as our daughters are concerned. Please don't be alarmed if, after exiting the restroom, Punkin corners you and boldly asks, "Poop or pee? Did you go poop or pee?". We're currently working on the concept of the bathroom being a place for privacy, especially after Punkin bolted out of the bathroom at Arby's today shouting, "Hey, Daddy, I went pee. And so did mommy!".


you can call me al said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Punkin! We're proud of you :)

The MC said...

Way to go, Punkin!!!

Tina said...

All right, Punkin! I'll be happy to take over your share of the pollution to the landfills.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Punkin! Exciting news at OCH.
I second Tina's comment...


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