Sunday, June 7, 2009

You'll NEVER Guess What I Just Saw

Ten minutes ago I was on the final stretch of my Sunday evening walk/run. I was feeling good, proud of myself for jogging almost the entire way back to the house from Rt. 113, when what do I see out of my peripheral vision?

Thank God (s)he bounded in the direction opposite of the one in which I was heading. I was so in the zone, rocking out to a little Prince and focusing on the house as my end point, that I didn't even pee my pants when I saw him jump. Not even so much as a scream, just a little "Holy $%!*" under my (labored) breath!

I like to think that (s)he was intimated by my mad fitness skills and decided to haul tail out of my way. Rationally, it was probably my a cappella rendition of "Raspberry Beret" that spooked him from his hiding place. There's nothing more frightening than a Caucasian singing Prince without the aide of his music to drown out the off key vocals. Trust me on this one.


Munchkin said...

i like it when you're on summer break, you post lots about ridiculous things

Anonymous said...

If the deer had a blog, what would the pictures look like on it? And the content?

tlk said...

I think it's time to make this deer your pet. The General could put up a fence and you could feed it and have the hundreds of cousins and second cousins come by to pet it. You do want your kids to be the coolest kids on the block don't you?

The Mrs. said...

Munchkin, my life is full of ridiculous moments. During the summer I just have more time to post about them. Aren't you (un?)lucky!

Anonymous, the the deer's latest post would have had a picture of me red faced, gasping for air, with a look of complete fear and surprise on my face. Not a pretty image. Thank goodness deer don't regularly carry cameras with them.

No, tlk. I'm purposely avoiding giving this deer a name because it seems that any animal that I do that for sticks around indefinitely. You know, unless The General traps and shoots them.


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