Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Is Getting Out Of Hand

11:50 am, Sunday

Shortcake: MOMMY! You have to come here, quick! You have to see this!
The Mrs.: What is it?
Shortcake: There's a REINDEER by our HOUSE!
The Mrs.: What?
Shortcake: There's a REINDEER! In the field! HURRY!

Sure enough, there (s)he was. Again. Taunting me and haunting me twice in less than twelve hours. Shortcake was thoroughly enamored, carrying on for ten minutes about how cute he is, and how he's probably running home to find his mother, and how she hopes he comes back again. *Swoon*

I was thinking more about how in three giant leaps this animal could be in our front yard and could probably charge right through our new front window if motivated enough. *Shudder*


Bambi said...

Do you sleep with one eye open?

AuntieM said...

Bambi steaks are really good!!! and the sausage.....mmmmmmmmmmm


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