Monday, June 1, 2009

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was close to what I would consider a perfect day. The scene was perfect: the sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the heat was kept away by a slight breeze. To start the day, the girls and I picked out a few more flowers during a quick morning trip to Menard's and Big R (and yes my love affair continues, if not deepens). After returning home we had a quick snack and then hooked up the sprinkler so the girls could play in the cool water while The General and I worked on our tans while laying in our new lounge chairs.

During the sprinkler activities, Punkin screamed and then insisted on drying off anytime so much as a drip of water landed on her skin. At one point, when I told her to play in the water, she informed me, "I can't! I will get wet!". Um, yes, that's sort of the point. She spent the majority of the time working on her sunburn tan as well. Fingers crossed that swim lessons go more smoothly.

It took some time, but Shortcake finally got into the spirit of things. She actually came away from the activity with a wet swimsuit and was brave enough to go within a foot of the sprinkler. So adventurous, our children.

Following the romps through the sprinkler, the girls continued to play outside while I planted flowers and The General fixed the tires on our bikes. Around 2 pm, Punkin went down for a nap while Shortcake, The General and I cruised around the driveway as a trio of bike riders. Shortly after that, The General and Shortcake went inside for some quiet time of their own giving me the opportunity to really test out my bike riding skills. After a trip across town and back, I returned home where I vacuumed out the car and then drove into town to run it through the car wash.

With Punkin taking an extended nap, The General, Shortcake & I relished the silence with a little computer time, TV watching, and book reading, respectively. We had a late dinner of grilled chicken, rice, and broccoli followed by a short walk around town. Just before bed, as the girls were handing out bedtime hugs and kisses, Punkin decided to put on an impromtu performance sending all of us into fits of laughter. The girls were in bed by 8:30, me by 11 pm, The General most likely long after that.

I fell asleep last night smiling, reliving the fun we had today (and choosing to ignore some of the less wonderful moments of the day). It is days like yesterday that serve to remind me how lucky I am to have the life that I do.

Special note: Those swimsuits the girls are wearing? The Easter Bunny picked them out all by himself. Well done, "Easter Bunny"!


Tina said...

What a fun day!! Glad you are already enjoying your summer.

I'm coming to town a few days early! Let's plan a day at mom and dad's pool - Shortcake can swim, Punkin can work on her tan, and we can catch up!

Anonymous said...

Tina, can I come too? Loved the post. Gramma Poke.

Tina said...

Gramma Poke - of course! I'll be in touch.

Barb said...

That is the COOLEST looking sprinkler EVER! I want one...

KelNosz said...

Those suits (and their models) are adorable! Now that Taylor is almost 5, I find that "appropriate" suits are hard to come by.

I have to laugh at the similar personalities of our July kids and their little siblings. Taylor is pretty laid back, eager to please, etc. Michael is my fireball. He screeches when the sprinkler water hits him, too. Imagine his dismay when I turned on the sprinkler the other day only to realize that he was holding the other end! Darn pine tree was in my blind spot...


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