Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

I'll admit that I'm a failure as a mother when it comes to craft activities. I don't break out the crayons, glues, scissors, and construction paper as much as I probably should. This is really sad considering Shortcake loves to do "projects". I'm sure it will be one of the (many) mother related topics discussed with her therapist some day.

Saturday was an overcast day, threatening rain at any moment all afternoon, so we took advantage of the less than stellar weather and I let the girls' artistic abilities run wild with some painting of small birdhouses we picked up in the Wal-Mart craft department. All colors and designs were chosen by the girls (every surface a difference color - psychedelic, baby!) with the exception of the glitter flair which was added by me. Who doesn't love a little bling on their birdhouse? Aside from a few minor touch-ups and a bit of hand-over-hand assistance at times for Punkin, all painting was completed by the girls as well.

I think they turned out pretty cute! Here's Shortcake's birdhouse...

...and Punkin's.


Anonymous said...

Who said crafting is not in your genes? Don't you remember Gramma Bolen's apron you made her for Christmas and all the ornaments you made at Ms Rosie's craft day? I LOVE THE BIRDHOUSES! Can't wait to see the next projects. Gramma Poke.

The MC said...

Those turned out terrific!!! We hung up a birdhouse in our yard, and we have tiny little birds in them already -- wrens, I think!!

Munchkin said...

they do have the General's artistic genes going for them... i mean he's pretty good

holla at ya sista G

parker said...

The bird houses turned out great! Very good idea for a dreery afternoon.

Pretty soon we will be reading about how the birds are "stalking" you!

Munchkin said...

word parker

mrs. why are you encouraging the migration of animals TO your house?

The Mrs. said...

If any crazy bird decides to try to use these houses as nesting areas they're morons. They may be able to get in, but there's no way they'll get out. These houses are tiny (advertised as "for decoration only").

PS - The birds ARE stalking me. One got stuck in my garage yesterday afternoon, convincing me it would somehow find it's way into the house when we opened the side door. Luckily it found its way back out. Then, last night as I was working out in the living room an inquisitive cardinal swooped down onto the front porch and sat with his head tilted to the side watching me. I think he was making fun of the way I do lunges. PLUS I saw another deer about ten minutes ago. Running through the field in broad daylight and this one has ANTLERS. You know, like to DISEMBOWEL you with.

G. P. said...

Wow!! You have started the summer off with such a great craft! I'm impressed!


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