Friday, June 5, 2009

From The Outside Looking In

This is the view from our front yard looking through our (oh so very needed) new living room window.

It doesn't even begin to illustrate how visible everything in our living room is to anyone passing by at night . Perhaps I should consider putting up a curtain rod & curtains?

Coming from someone easily freaked when required to pass by an open window when it's pitch black outside, I'll answer my own question with an emphatic YES (although I'm LOVING the vast sunlight and wide open view during the day).


Anonymous said...

I'm loving that green color of your living room!! Maybe you should consider window coverings...especially if that deer is stalking never know how many other animal friends he may have, that are checking out those great green walls too!!! Don't mean to scare you!!Just a random thought.

Tina said...

I have some some sheer curtains on my sliding glass door - during the day they let light in, and provide enough privacy for the evening. And you can always pull them back during the day, too.

New windows are so great! Ours come next week!

Drunk Driver said...

I guess I should be anticipating the simple joy of new windows to be a highlight of my day sometime real soon. House countdown: 4 days!!!

Bambi said...

I can see you right now


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