Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fearing I May Be A Target For The Next Episode Of "When Animals Attack"

Last night I took advantage of The General being home with us and set out for some exercise after the girls were put to bed. Because we apparently live in the wild kingdom, I saw a variety of animals while I was away from the house including three dogs, a cat, two rabbits, and one spastic blue jay. On my way back home, I also located a deer.

This is the second time in a month that I have been less than 50 yards from a white-tailed deer while on the bike path connecting our small village to the larger (yet still small) neighboring town. The first time I was on foot, last night on bike. On both occasions there was nothing but tall grass separating me from the deer. We've locked eyes twice now - the paranoid part of me is certain (s)he recognized me from our last meeting. As a result of these encounters, I've come to the conclusion that deer are much less intimidating when you catch a glimpse of them a mile off the road passing by at 50+ mph than they are when there's nothing between beast and human but open space and the heavy aroma of fear in the air .

My only thought as I stood momentarily paralyzed with irrational fear: does the fight or flight response really matter in a situation like this? 'Cause I'm fairly certain if Bambi on 'roids decides to charge I'm toast either way.

A prime example (and don't think this video clip wasn't running through my mind on that bike path last night):

Should the next run-in (if there is one) go terribly wrong, please promise me you'll come to see me in the hospital, okay?

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em said...

Let's just hope The General gets the entire incident on tape-----


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