Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Non-Blog Worthy Life

My life and events that happen from day to day are basically divided into two categories: blog worthy and, brace yourself for the originality, non-blog worthy. Yes, believe it or not, there are moments of our life that don't make the blog. It seems as though over the last few weeks we've been in a blog worthy drought. There have been little moments here and there but nothing that exciting that necessitated its own post. Therefore, I'm catching you up to date on some of the very mundane details in our lives that you may or may not find interesting.
  • There's been a strange musty smell in our house since the torrential downpours we experienced a week ago. A trip down to the crawl space (The General's very favorite place on Earth) revealed nothing suspicious. The odor appears to originate from the vicinity of The General's bathroom (hold all jokes until the end, please) and he's wondering if maybe our duct work needs to be cleaned. Anyone have any experience with this?
  • Punkin is still not potty-trained, a full month into her third year. I'm trying to maintain my Zen-like attitude toward the whole thing, but honestly I'm losing grip on that mind frame with each crap filled diaper.
  • For the first time in our married lives we are a household with no car payments. The General made the final payment on his truck yesterday and it was the highlight of my day.
  • As brought to my attention by The General, Shortcake's new favorite (overused) word is "weird".
  • In other Shortcake related news, she continues to grow entirely too fast. The other day I gathered her up in my arms and was shocked at how big she is all of the sudden. I became instantly nostalgic and asked her to stop growing right that minute. Her matter-of-fact response: "Mommy, I can't. I have to be five!". I settled for making her promise me that she would never keep secrets from me, that she would always tell me everything, and that she'd never be afraid to come to me if she needed to talk. She looked at me like I was crazy but gave me her promise anyway (probably as a way to get out of the death grip I had on her).
  • I am actively counting down the days (DAYS!) until summer break. I love my job, but I am so looking forward to some time at home with my girls. Added bonus: The General will be home for a whole month as well!
  • Next month will be the longest time The General and I will be home together without having just brought home a newborn. I'm hoping we don't kill each other.
  • We had a family get together at The Homestead in Dwight. We spent the entire evening eating non-stop and talking about poop.
  • I have so many piles of paperwork scattered throughout my classroom at school that it's making me slightly insane. Also making me crazy is the fact that rather than crossing things off my end of the year to-do list, I keep adding additional tasks to the list.
  • All flowers planted a couple of weeks ago continue to grow. There are a few that aren't looking so hot, but so far nothing has been declared as officially dead. Yay me!
Really, looking through that list of random information I wonder why anyone of you even come back. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you're still sticking around!

Now tell us, what have you been up to?


Munchkin said...

i always come back for the daily logs

Drunk Driver said...

reading Munchkin's comment, I think I just pooped my pants.

jen said...

See My Life with Dogs for the run down. I should have offered to have our pastor come over to your house. She came and did a garden blessing for me--maybe your flowers could use that too! Here's hoping for a more fruitful harvest than the handful of unripe tomatoes we gathered last year....Can't wait for summer myself. :)

AuntieM said...

you just always crack me up!!!!!!
Punkin sure reminds me of someone else.....i think you should be somehow able to blame your brother for her pooping escapades!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Auntie M is right......Crazy days but I promise she WILL NOT GRADUATE with pull ups on! She is her Uncle in Many Ways! Hold on... your in for a ride! Gramma Poke.


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