Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Art

What did we ever do before Google? I mean really. It's become so much more than a search engine. It's almost a way of life. Looking for a long lost friend? Find her on Google. Want to find some pictures of your favorite flowers? Google Images can help you out. Don't know what that weird rash on your arm is? Dr. Google will provide a plethora of diagnoses. Videos, maps, and news stories are just a few of the other services you can utilize from the Google homepage. I find myself offering the suggestion to "Just Google it" on a daily basis. I often wonder how much easier it would have been to write those high school and college research papers had Google been around in the mid to late 90s.

Anyway, today I jumped on Google for some random reason and noticed that they have announced the Google Doodle finalists. Some of the schools in our district participated in this event where children are asked to submit their doodle for a chance to be a featured design on Google's homepage. This year's theme was "What I Wish For The World," and after browsing through the finalists for each age group I could not help but sit in awe of some of the artistic ability showcased in the chosen doodles. I have not one ounce of artistic ability. While I appreciate arts in all mediums, I am unable to replicate anything worthy of praise. I loved Mr. Murphy, our junior high art teacher, but I dreaded going to that class each week. To view the creations of a group of kindergarten through twelfth grade students I was amazed and what they came up with.

If you have a few moments, check out the Doodles for Google and cast a vote for your favorites. The creativity of our youth is amazing, and their wishes for our world are equally inspiring.

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