Monday, December 1, 2008

Thinking The Suspense Just Might Kill Her

So, my birthday officially starts in less than five hours. I'm typically big on making a big deal out of my birthday, insisting that we honor not just my birthDAY but rather my birth WEEK. I'm not sure what it is this year though. Maybe it's that it falls so early in the week and thereby so close to Thanksgiving this year. Maybe it's because I have a busier than usual schedule of multiple staffings and team meetings every day during and after school which has kept me preoccupied. It could be that, with this birthday, I officially move into the next decade making it acceptable for The General to remind me that I'm now officially "in my thirties" (something I've reminded HIM of regularly over the past eight months). Whatever the reason, I had to actually pause on Sunday to remember what day my birthday fell on this week. This, for me, is highly unusual.

It's refreshing to know that not everyone in our house is feeling the birthday blues. Shortcake is positively radiating with birthday fever, and Punkin is doing her part in building the excitement as well. There were ample secrets spread around the dinner table last night, and Punkin gave us all a dress rehearsal for her big "Happy Birthday" performance. Shortcake was asking me tonight if I would like a purple cake.

I'm thinking there may have been some undercover preparations today while I was at work. As much as she loves secrets, Shortcake's got a some room for improvement in terms of keeping those secrets under lock and key.

Her: Mommy, look at this. (showing me traces of purple marker on her hand)
Me: What's that from?
Her: Me and Daddy did a project today.
Me: Oh yeah? What project did you do?
Her: (involuntary smile spreading across her face) We made a birthday card...
Me: (involuntary smile spreading across my face) Really? Who is the birthday card for?
Her: (hands cover mouth) Oh. I mean, we made, it's for...Punkin.
Her: A birthday card for Punkin?
Her: Yeah, and then we hid it.
Me: Oh, you hid the project so she wouldn't find it?
Her: Yeah, we put it in my room.
Me: You did?
Her: We put it under my tree in my room. We slid it under the blanket under the tree.
Me: Should we go look for it?
Her: (with a look of horror on her face) NO! We can't look for it. It's a secret.
Me: Oh, okay.

*end scene*

Ten minutes later...

Her: Mommy?
Me: What, sweetie?
Her: Remember when I said me and daddy did a project today?
Me: Yes.
Her: I was just kidding. We didn't do a project today.
Me: Oh, okay.

I refrained from looking under the tree just in case.


Parker said...

Mrs., don't you know you are supposed to have a "birth-MONTH"? That way...if you are too busy on the day (or week) of your birthday, you have the rest of the month to celebrate it! Take it from someone (or two people) who know! And, if you have to share a birthday with someone, or your birthday is on or too close to a holiday, you can choose an "un-official" birthday on a random day throughout the year! So, I share one of my birthdays with my sister, and I have my own birthday later in the month! But, I only age once...a win/win situation! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I agree - Birth-Month is the way to go. Honestly, I was still celebrating my birthday in mid-November (my actual bday is Oct. 12) because it was the first time I'd seen my parents to celebrate!!

Either way, Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope you're able to relax and enjoy it a bit!


Munchkin said...

i've been celebrating my 21st birthday for the last four years...

J said...

That is hilarious and sooo cute!

Vince said...

Happy Birthweek to you Mrs, may all of your suprizes be plesant.

Anonymous said...

Love You and Happy Birthday. Mom

Rikki said...

Happy Birthday Mrs!

I will be joining you in the 30's in one week! AAGGHH!

At least we can both point and laugh when Jen turns 30 in a couple of months! :)

Misery deserves company!

I hope your day is great!

Dr Phyll said...

As you pass by these mildstones we call birthdays you begin to realize that they are not your friend. To strech out these mildstones into weeks or months will only be more depressing. We should start to look at these moments in time as just that, birthmoments. That way, if you were born in the middle of the night you can pass by it without ever noticing it. That will keep us younger.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. ! !
Enjoy !!

AuntieM said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! And you should for sure go for the whole month!! you're worth it Love ya

Munchkin said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs...Sorry I almost missed the day!
Love ya
Jenny D


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