Monday, December 8, 2008

Some Many Voices, So Little Time

Guess who finished her Christmas shopping on Saturday. HOLLA!

I flew the coop Saturday afternoon with a lofty goal of crossing out every name on this year’s Christmas list. Eight hours after departure I finally returned home, exhausted yet relieved knowing my mission had been accomplished.

Spending the entire afternoon alone (relatively speaking considering the crowds everywhere I went) allowed me a luxury I don’t often experience with two munchkins in tow. No chatter from the backseat of Annie (Shortcake has a thing for naming vehicles after characters from Little Einsteins) gave me the opportunity to listen to something else for a change – that little voice inside my head. You know the saying, “It’s okay to talk to yourself as long as you don’t talk back”? I subscribe to that saying whole heartedly. Here is just a sampling of the thoughts running through my head while shopping last weekend:

For the love of all things holy, why do the people of Hell on Earth Toys R Us allow enough room for only one and half carts to pass through side-by-side in each aisle? Of all the stores in the entire world at this time of year they should allow for at least a four cart clearance.

Is my favorite lunch of all-time Panera’s half chicken salad sandwich and bowl of broccoli cheddar soup? (The other voice in my head answered back on this one, with a definitive “Hellsa yes!”).

People who do their holiday shopping wearing Santa hats: delightfully festive or extraordinarily dorky?

Is there a Murphy’s law dedicated to the phenomenon that the one item you must buy on a shopping excursion and can be found at only one particular store is not available at the store in the town where you are shopping but is, in fact, available at any of the other seventeen same stores within a 50 mile radius?

Is there any way we can have passing lanes installed in the mall? Road rage is real, people, and it all originated in the halls of the shopping malls.

How are the rest of you faring in your holiday shopping endeavours?


Munchkin said...

i am currently working on a top ten list of things "i believe" about shopping, the holiday season, the malls, parking lots at said malls, i'm still working on it but you kinda already beat me a little to the punch... i may have to go to some backups

Tina said...

Two words: online shopping.

parker said...

I was feeling pretty smug for having STARTED my shopping this weekend and THINKING about what I wanted to get for everyone! You just deflated me!

Tina, online shopping is EVIL! I did all my shopping online last year and I spent more money than I EVER have. I think the problem was two-fold..a.)i didn't pay attention to what I was buying for people and just kept clicking "complete purchase"...and b.) I bought something for myself at each site! The most pathetic thing about it was that I lived within a half mile of two malls!

Mrs., if you are having a hard time finding a Dyson for me...I'll just take yours!

Munchkin said...

judging by the speed at which comments appear on your blog, i'm beginning to think your readers sit around all day and night waiting for you to post

em said...

Sorry, I couldn't post until this morning. I finished shopping yesterday afternoon then came home and wrapped 37 presents, 12 stocking stuffers, and 3 gift bags. I'm sure it's some kind of record----still waiting for Guiness to return my call.

Anonymous said...

em...You are the WOMAN! Gramma Poke

you can call me al said...

In brief, I'm not done.

I'm currently looking for fresh ideas for gifts for our neighbors, and a coveted grab bag gift.

Anonymous said...

Uppercase Living Glass blocks would make a great neighbor to the Mrs. about the website! $10-15 =)

I found a kick-ass set of "restaurant style" steak knives at Menards---$6. I'll be fighting for them during the grab bag game!

Rikki said...

You are a stud. I am almost done, but my freaking list is looong this year. How nice that you got to shop solo, I am jealous! :)


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