Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Go Elf Yourself

Thanks to some workday procrastination and avoidance on the part of Parker, I bring to you tonight

The Elves of One Carbon Hill, Version 2.0:

You should know that Punkin's second dance about midway through that little ditty is exactly how she dances in real life - all hips and butt. It's cute now but I'm thinking the day will quickly come where if she continues to shake it in that manner The General will be following her to all school dances with shotgun in tow.

In browsing the other diversions offered by the wonder that is the Internet, I came across this little gem a few weeks back. I've only created one picture to date, but trust me. I will have several more to share. Yearbook Yourself is closed for the time being apparently, but to tide you over until I can bring you more I'll first give you Punkin circa 1964. She looks freakishly similar to a picture of my mom floating around her house. Maybe if you're really nice I'll try to locate it for comparison purposes.

1 comment:

AuntieM said...

no matter how many times i watch that, it just cracks me up!!!!


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