Friday, November 7, 2008

A Tragedy And Prayer Request

This afternoon I saw this story in one of our local newspapers. I don't know this family, but they currently live in the small town where both The General and I grew up, having moved to Dwight from Morris a few years ago. The Jahn family are active participants in the church where my baby-sitter's husband is a youth pastor, and Melissa and Greg were close with both Amanda and Josh. Greg was with the family last night following the accident until early this morning. Like any tragedy that happens close to home, this family has been on my mind all day. It's something that could happen to any of us, at any time. The fact that a husband has lost his wife and his two beautiful children is unbearable to consider. Picturing his reaction when he heard his wife's license plate called over his scanner and then arriving at the scene with his fellow firefighters to find the unimaginable wreckage gives me chills. The fact that the other driver has had multiple DUIs and was once again driving under the influence infuriates me.

This story was covered by most of the major Chicago stations this afternoon, and you can find additional information on the NBC site as well as the ABC affiliate which features a video of the story they ran during this afternoon's broadcast.

Please pray for the family of Amanda, Ryan and Kaitlyn Jahn, and especially for their husband and father, Josh. Keep the members of the Dwight Fire Department in your prayers as well, as they deal with what they were faced with last night and as they try to cope with one of their own's tragic loss.

It's unfortuante that stories like this tend to put things in perspective and cause you to rethink decisions you've made in the past. Accidents can happen so quickly and lives are changed forever. I, for one, am hugging my girls a little tighter tonight and sending up my own prayer of thanks that someone's been watching out for me.


jen said...

My first thought this mornin gwas I hope that wasn't a family I know, but that, I see now, doesn't make the situation any less tragic. How terrible...

Anonymous said...

I don't know how that father will ever be able to heal from this. A terrible accident that could have been avoided, but, instead took out his entire world because that lady selfishly decided to drive...again.

I don't know how the father will be able to go on with his life, but I hope he is able to get through it with the support of his friends and family.

Kathy said...

Josh and Mandi were friends of ours. Josh works as the parts guys at Hogans... and we all know the parts guy of Stollers, they just clicked. My brother and sister-in-law are VERY close with the Jahns. Seeing as Mark works at Hogans. We dined with them occasionally. Please keep them in your prayers as Josh goes through this horrible tragedy. He is of strong Christian faith and has great support from friends and family. I'm shocked that such a bad thing has happened to such a good family. RIP Mandi, Ryan, and Katelyn.

Rikki said...

What a tragedy. My heart goes out to Josh.


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