Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exercising Their Right

While walking from a classroom to my room this afternoon with two students, we started to discuss today’s election. Like many schools around the country, our elementary school held a mock election today to demonstrate to our students in a hands-on fashion how the voting process works. I asked the second grader if his class had voted yet, and this was his answer.

“Not yet. But I’m voting for the elephant”.

“Oh yeah? And do you know the name of the person? Who is the ‘elephant’”?

“Obama. Me and Bob* and Tom* and Sam* and George* are all voting for Obama.”


“Yeah, but not the black one. We’re voting for the gray one. You know, the one with the gray hair.”

(*names have been changed to protect the innocent)


Another of my second grade students was talking about the mock election this afternoon. When I asked if he had voted his response was, "Yeah. I voted for that guy, um, Bo-ba-bo-ma. You know. I can't say his name, but it starts with a 'B'."


My baby-sitter's son, a first grader, demonstrated much more decisive voting habits today. Even when heavily persuaded by a friend to vote for John McCain, Ian told his mom, "I voted for Obama because he likes basketball and he told his daughters if he wins he's buying them a dog. And I love dogs!". Regardless of which way you lean, you have to respect a kid who has his values and sticks with them.

On the other hand, here’s hoping the adults with actual voter registration cards making it to the polls today are slightly more in tune with what some might perceive as more pressing issues. I'm also hoping they have a better grasp on name-face recognition than my friend this morning. You gotta love these kids, the future leaders of America. Lord help us all.

And speaking of the future leaders of America...

Shortcake and Punkin visited our local polling place twice today, taking part in the democratic process with both The General and me. Their response was quite positive although I can't say I'm surprised. After all, how could they not enjoy a trip that resulted in cookies and stickers?

Here's their reaction from my unofficial exit poll. Please try not to be distracted by my dying plants in the background.


tlk said...

The best part of the videos is the related videos. One gets strawberry shortcake and the other gets a pumpkin catapult. Fitting?

Tina said...

Hmmm......I wonder who their mommy and daddy voted for!

The Mrs. said...



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