Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ten Things I Learned From The Party On South Street, In No Particular Order

1. It’s highly entertaining to see what costumes each individual comes up with every year.

I find it amusing to watch grown adults walking into the room in random get-ups while every adult in attendance compliments and laughs with (or at?) each other about the imagination and creativity that goes into every costume. People could so easily dismiss the idea of dressing up, thinking the idea is lame or juvenile. You won’t find one of those people in this group though. There’s something oddly heartwarming when you think about how much fun people have acting like children. Who ever said Halloween was for the kids obviously has never been to a costume party for adults. I didn't get good pictures of Ron Burgandy & his co-anchor, Juno and her boyfriend (BTW, totally authentic, as "Juno" is due with baby number two any day now), the Chiquita Banana girl (my favorite costume of the night), the Unibomber, the Three Amigos, and a bottle of Jose Cuervo. I'm sure I'm missing some, but dang, there were too many to keep track of! Here’s a sampling of some of the costumes from last Saturday night I was able to get pictures of.

2. Treasure hunts kick major butt.

Imagine, if you will, four van loads of adults all dressed in various costumes, driving wildly through the streets of Dwight. Then picture these teams pouring out of said vans at random check-points in town (including The OWL, Turtles, Willy’s, and Renfrew Park) in search of marked envelopes holding valuable clues. You can’t even begin to imagine the fun, but you'll just have to take my word for it. No pictures were taken during the Treasure Hunt, as I left my camera at the house. And don't even think about yelling at me - there's no time for photo ops when you're in the search for treasure!

3. The Rocket + St. Pauli Girl Costume = Not a good idea.

Going up the ladders? No big deal. Coming down? Unintended peep show. Those are the lengths I’m willing to go for the good of team.

4. Speaking of victory, shooting free throws at St. Pat’s in 30 degree weather (and strong winds) sucks.

There’s a reason I stopped playing basketball after junior high, and it was never more evident as to why than Saturday night. Our team made it to the last check point a solid five to ten minutes before any other team. The final mission: each team member was required to make a basket from the designated circle on the pavement. First team to have everyone make a basket wins. Guess who was the last one for her team shooting? Me. Guess who never made a basket? Me. Guess who was filled with self-hatred and used words no self-respecting lady should ever utter throughout the embarrassing ordeal? Yes, that’s right, me again. The taunting from The Hamburgler did not help, and the added pressure of watching as the other three teams filed in and effortlessly sank basket after basket also contributed to my heightened anxiety levels. Four days later and I’m still feeling awful for letting down my team. I think I’m asking for a basketball hoop for Christmas this year in preparation for next year’s challenge. Maybe next year I can talk The Hamburgler and The Referee into a final mission trivia challenge. I would so totally win.

5. Depantsing - still funny, as long as it doesn't happen to you.

6. It doesn’t matter how old you are, boobs are always a topic of discussion (and entertainment).

I don’t really care to elaborate on this point, and my fingers are crossed that checking a certain my space page will not provide any details I’m not willing to divulge here. Before you get any crazy ideas, I assure you that all body parts remained fully covered by all in attendance. I must admit, however, that the combination of a carefree night without the kids and with friends you don’t often see, in addition to the free flowing beverages, caused some of us to throw our otherwise angelic personas out the window. (PS No comment on this issue from Jenny, Alison or Tina thank you very much).

7. Politics at Halloween parties can be summed up as this: "There was a whole lot of talking without much being said".

Nothing against the debaters, as I have no doubt both have very valid points in the right atmosphere. The heavy duty Busch Light and/or Bud Light influence might have taken away some of the finesse is all I'm saying.

8. The General has a knack for pissing off people who are puking in his attempts to be helpful.

For the sake of anonymity, I will not elaborate on this topic either. (I draw the line at broadcasting other people's underwear to all who care to see.) I will tell you that it was not me, thank the Lord. Hope you’re feeling better! Instead of revealing the identify of The Puker, I'll provide you with this sweet moment between cousins. Everyone together now. Awwww.....

9. There's a sense of pride in being among the few left standing at the end of the night.

The only one missing is The Referee, who I believe missed this shot while tending to The Puker. It was 2:30 am at this point and someone said they weren't leaving until the beer was gone. I believe that someone was married to me, and when I saw him unload a fresh case into the cooler it was shortly thereafter that I declared party over (for us anyway).

10. Reading this recap, I’ve determined that it’s a good thing Halloween only comes once a year.

Also, thank goodness those in attendance know me outside of just this night's events. If the crowd had been full of strangers, I’m afraid of what the other party goers would have taken away as a first impression of me.

Overall, I highly recommend all of you at some point in your lives attend (or hosting!) an adults only Halloween party. Throw your insecurities to the wind and I guarantee you will have a most fantastic time. You may face the next day with feelings of remorse and regret, but I assure you it would totally be worth it.

For those of you who have been to Halloween parties in the past, let’s hear about your costumes. I’m always open to ideas for next year…

Posting this photograph only because it's quite possibly one of the best pictures taken of us ever. Which is unfortunate considering The General's chest hair and Hester the Molester moustache take center stage, right next to my slutty bar maid costume. As long as our girls don't use it as our 50th wedding anniversary announcement photograph I think we'll be okay.


tlk said...

Is it creepy of me to ask for more pictures of the beer wench?

The MC said...

I think that Bozo costume is the scariest thing I've ever seen!!!

The General said...

You should have seen it live.


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