Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now Watching For The UPS Man...

I want to thank all of you for your insight and input on my latest vacuum fiasco. I have to say that I wasn't surprised with the overwhelming positive response for the Dyson brand. I've been coveting this line of vacuums for a few years now, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I used all your personal feedback with the brand to convince myself that I should join the Dyson bandwagon myself.

I spent a good part of last weekend researching all the different options Dyson offers. I was partial to the "ball technology" vacuums at first, and after much soul searching and price comparisons I sent The General off to purchase the DC 24 on Tuesday. I knew that this particular vacuum was smaller in size than the others and packed a slightly less powerful suction punch. When The General returned from work that night with the new Dyson in hand, however, I was wondering if I made the right choice. I wasn't expecting it to be as little as it was, and The General reported that he felt the model was sort of flimsy. Then, to make me even more conflicted, The General informed me that the larger DC 14 was on sale as well, for the same price as the DC 24. This nugget of information sent me straight back to the computer for more researching.

As of 11 pm on Tuesday, The General was instructed to take back the purchased vacuum and exchange it for the larger model. By 10 am the following morning, I called him back and told him to still return it but NOT to purchase another one, as I was going to Kohl's to buy one that was even cheaper (in price, not quality). My dear, loving, devoted husband made no effort to hide his mild frustration with my ongoing vacuum drama. I believe his advice to me was something along the lines of just pick a damn vacuum already so we can talk about something else.

So after picking up the girls yesterday afternoon, we headed to Kohl's to do some vacuum shopping. With all the Dyson knowledge I could cram into my tiny little brain, I had the opportunity to actually "test drive" the vacuums. My first observation: we were right to return the DC 24, because even the larger DC 25 felt a little unsteady. The ball technology really did make for "turning on a dime" and I could see how the smaller head would be better for fitting under furniture and cupboards, but I just wasn't entirely sold on it. I moved on to some of the larger models including the DC 14, DC 15, and DC 17. I tried them all out, with the assistance of Shortcake who was very interested in each model, and after twenty minutes I decided I couldn't decide. I needed to do more research.

So back home we went and after putting the girls to bed for the night I conducted a few more product reviews, primarily comparing the Absolute Animal and the Absolute Asthma & Allergy models. In the end I decided to plunk my money down on this bad boy:

The Dyson DC 17 Asthma & Allergy, with its 220 airwatts of suction power and .63 gallon bin capacity. It's "engineered to minimize allergens" and is said to out clean other vacuums overall. It also comes with accessories like a soft dusting brush, mattress tool (which was probably the deciding factor as crazy as that sounds), and flexi crevice tool.

The best part? I saved over $200 by purchasing it while on sale and after applying my 30% off coupon code. I even got free shipping, so now I'll just have to bide my time for the next five to seven business days until it arrives. I've never been so excited to run a vacuum in my entire life.

For those of you who volunteered babysitting services and offered to come use our new Dyson, I'll be happy to take you all up on your offers. Let me know when you'll be stopping by!


AuntieM said...

CONGRATS on your new machine. Isn't it so exillerating to get such a sale! you just can't beat Kohl's special favorite store!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy you new machine! Gramma Poke.
How about traveling to the Ol El Paso ranch and try it out!

parker said...

If you have it in tow...may as well give it a test drive in Dwight!

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I am having vacuum envy!

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! Glad the Kohl's sale worked out! You'll love the vaccuum, Bubba and Monkey like to run ours, if I give it up! ;) Hope the shipping time doesn't kill you!

Rikki said...

I am SO jealous! You have to let me know if the Dyson leaves nice vacuum lines.

*sigh* I love the way carpet looks with nice, straight, "I-have-just-been-cleaned" vacuum lines.

Congrats on the purchase!

Jaime said...

Coal City is closer than Dwight for that test run! I will even come and pick it up!


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