Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goodbye, Baby Mullet

With the onset of Punkin's new found habit of hair pulling, her already fine hair has taken a beating in the last couple of weeks. The right side of her head has thinned out noticeably, mostly when her hair is up in her signature pigtails. I was alarmed by the difference in the lengths of each of her pig tails when I picked her up from the sitter's on Friday afternoon and decided then and there that Punkin was due for her first hair cut. Now, as The General quickly pointed out, I realize that cutting her hair will most likely not eliminate the cause of the problem, that being the hair pulling. The fact that she was well on her way to to resembling some wacky member of Flock of Seagulls, however, prompted me to go ahead with scheduling an appointment with our trusty stylist, Mallory.

A few weeks back the girls and I took a trip to the salon to have Shortcake's hair trimmed again. I was not encouraged by Punkin's reaction to watching her sister have her hair cut - there was much drama, mostly involving Punkin burying her head in my shoulder proclaiming, "I scared". Anytime I'd inquire about her desire to have her turn in the salon chair I was faced with a resounding "NO!". So after making the appointment yesterday afternoon both The General and I spent a good portion of the following 24 hours building up the excitement of Punkin's first hair cut. With this child you never know what you're going to get. You can plan, and strategize, and scheme until the cows come home but in the end it's nothing but a crap shoot. You expect well mannered two year old? You get wild banshee. You anticipate the full fury of an enraged toddler? Instead it's "Well hello, Miss Sunshine!". This hair cut today was no different.

This was Punkin shortly before leaving for the salon. She seemed excited, but I was certain it was all a ploy, the calm before the storm if you will. Don't ask me what's up with the hot pink visor. She's got a fashion sense all her own.

You'll notice in this picture the obvious discrepancy in hair length.

Once we arrived at the salon, things continued to go far better than I had prepared myself for. Punkin was adorably talkative, complied with every request, and strutted her way back to the chair like this business was old news. She hopped right into the chair and was the model child for the entire half hour it took to cut, and even style, her hair.

Please excuse the unintentional boob shot and focus your attention on Punkin's hair pre-cut.

Watching Punkin getting her hair cut was a riot. It was ridiculous how impressed she was with herself. You could tell she thought she was hot stuff, and the constant praise from Mallory, Shortcake and me probably only contributed to the inflated ego. Really, though, I was so proud of my baby and a little choked up watching all those curls fall to the floor.

Now, any woman knows that sometimes we leave the salon feeling a little discouraged by our new style. Punkin didn't seem to suffer any of those feelings of regret, but after looking at this picture from home hours after the fact, I'm wondering if I made the right call in having her hair cut. I didn't think I'd walk in this afternoon with a piggy tailed (albeit lopsided) baby and walk out with a member of the Beatles circa The Ed Sullivan years, but from the looks of this picture it appears as though that's exactly what happened.

Rising Star? More like Ringo Starr.

After returning home from our traditional celebratory meal at McDonald's, however, all order was restored. (PS - Click on the previous to see the vast differences between Punkin's and Shortcake's first haircuts. My word that child has a lot of hair!). What's a girl to do when she's feeling a little down and out about a new hairstyle? Accessorize! The barrette was just the touch needed to bring back the cuteness of my little girl.

Her new "cheese" face. Isn't it lovely?
She told me after taking this picture, "That was a big cheese, mommy".
And yes, she's sitting on the potty. It's the only place I can force her to sit still for any length of time.

Watch out, Suri Cruise. There's a new contender in town for the cutest two year old sporting the bobbed haircut, and I have no doubts she could kick your butt. If you don't believe me, just ask her older sister what Punkin's capable of.


you can call me al said...

You look beautiful, Sweetie! And SO grown up too!

Munchkin said...

think about it this way if you don't like it...

she could've let her friends cut her hair at 3 am on the Fourth of July

The MC said...

What a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

Gramma Poke's little girl looks so grown up...She is beautiful. Can't wait to "fix her hair"!

AuntieM said...

How did you resist not just cutting off that long pigtail!!!!!!!!! or shortcake or punkin herself!!! i remember one 5 year old (coughTina) who couldn't wait for HER AuntieM to cut her hair so she took the scissors and cut a chunk of her bangs off at her scalp!!!! the pictures NOW are histerical...anyway..punkin looks adorable!!! so grown up!!!

Rikki said...

She looks great!

I laughed outloud at the Beatles comment. If you can't laugh at your own kids, who can you laugh at?

Suri doesn't even compare Punkin.

jen said...

Punkin's adoreable hands down no matter if she's rocking lopsided piggies or Beatles inspired bob. The barette did help lessen the 60's rock band look alike. :)

Tina said...

She sure does look cute!

And for the record, my hair looked great after I cut it when I was five. Thanks, Mom.


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