Monday, September 15, 2008


Like the rest of us in the mid-west, we here at One Carbon Hill are slowly drying out from the steady downpour of last weekend. Our sump pump has never worked harder, going off about every five minutes from Friday through Sunday. I can honestly say that I can't remember ever seeing so much rain in my life.

Parts of our town were inundated with water over the weekend, and I learned today that nine families had to be evacuated from their homes due to flooding. Our elementary school, and specifically my classroom and the one next to me, also had flooding on Saturday. Because this is not the first time these rooms have flooded they've decided to tear up the floor in those two rooms in hopes of fixing the problem once and for all. Therefore, I spent the majority of my work day moving furniture and setting up a new classroom in the far reaches of the building, a solid two minute brisk walk to the nearest classroom. However, we were lucky to have none of the extensive water damage plaguing the areas north of us and blessed to only watch from hundreds of miles away as Hurricane Ike unleashed a giant can of you-know-what on parts of Texas.

With a break - finally - in the rain I went outside for a short walk to survey the water situation near our house.

Our grass, particularly in the backyard was soaked. Squishy. Sopping wet. The General's plan to mow was wildly unsuccessful.

This little stream of water is making its way to the creek just north of our house. There are two large lots two blocks south of us that always hold water when we get a solid rain. Last weekend they had to actually close that portion of our street due to standing water. And all that water slowly filter down the side of our house, through the field and down to the creek. That large green hose? That's from our neighbors'; they were pumping out some serious water.

The new fire pit? It quickly became the above ground pool I've been dreaming of.

Here's the creek. See our garage? This is the highest I've ever seen the creek. Usually you can see the bottom, and right at the bridge where that center post is you'll find a gigantic beaver dam. Well, we've not confirmed whether it's a beaver created dam or just accumulation of sticks from the current, but it certainly looks like it could have been built by beavers. It's more fun telling the girls that anyway.

Here's a view of the creek coming from the east. You'll notice that it's overrun its banks on this side of the bridge.

And then looking west, headed toward either the Mazon or Illinois River, I presume.Shortly after I returned home from my little nature hike, there was a slight break in the clouds and I was warmed to the core to finally see signs of the sun. I was starting to think we would never see it again.

How did all of you fare with this wet weather weekend?


you can call me al said...
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you can call me al said...

10 years of experience with this basement made pumping out the water no big deal . . .just have to set up all of the sump pumps and hoses . . .

The cabin fever has been harder to overcome . . . a little friendly Guitar Hero competition lightened up things Saturday night!

The MC said...

First, apparently we had a little less rain than comment #1 - I assume the thought of the standing water forced him to use profanity, which I will have to admit the rain we have had is enough to make me swear....Anyway, we had about eight inches out of the event

Second, the Lauristsens got Guitar Hero???

you can call me al said...

. . .on loan for recovery, courtesy of drummer boy and munchkin

We temporarily traded the Nintendo for the PS2.

The Mrs. said...

Update: I heard today we got fifteen inches of rain last week in the Tri-Village area, and as of noon today they closed down the bridge going into Morris. Last night there was 3 inches of water over RT. 47 just north of the bridge and the river wasn't expected to crest until sometime this morning. Crazy!

Meghann said...

We are originally from Houston, so watching the news has been really hard. There are small towns there that are literally just gone.

The MC said...

I didn't even know the Lauritsens had a play station....When did this happen.

Now I know why our boys say "but the Lauritsens....."


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