Sunday, September 21, 2008

For Tina, Who I Know Is In A Dark Place Today For Missing The Harvest Day's Parade

Because I love you so much, Tina, I videoed the Marching Redskins so you could analyze how they sound this year without you. I think the band looked much smaller in numbers, and it just wasn't the same without you walking down the street greeting your crazy family as you marched by.


Tina said...

LOL - thanks for letting me analyze. I had gotten a couple of text messages from the kids saying they did not win anything. (They won 1st place every year I was the director there.) But I'm not bragging.

I was not in a dark place, though - I enjoyed a marathon session at the new house. Cleaning, painting, the whole 9 yards! Look for updates on - once I actually have time to sit down and blog.

The MC said...

I actually looked for you until I remembered you wouldn't be there. There was definitely something missing this year!!!


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